Xbox Series X restock due at Walmart today

Xbox Series X
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An Xbox Series X restock will take place at Walmart today, though this is another stock drop reserved for Walmart Plus customers. If you're a full-paying subscriber (free trial members won't be eligible), you'll have a chance to buy Xbox Series X from 3pm ET. 

Walmart has been running subscriber-only Xbox Series X restocks for a while now, and we don't expect the trend to be slowing down any time soon. That means it might be worth picking up a subscription until you find your console - at $12.99 a month it's certainly not the most expensive membership on the planet, and you're still getting access to free shipping and savings on fuel. 

Xbox Series X restocks have just started picking up some steam in 2022. Gamestop dropped a wave of stock online on Tuesday, with some bundles still available - albeit particularly pricey ones. Meanwhile, Best Buy offered up more chances to nab the console on January 11 as well. 

If you're not interested in fighting for your console, Walmart is offering the Xbox All Access scheme as well. While you'll be opening up a new line of credit, you'll be able to secure an Xbox Series X for $35 per month over two years. 

Today's Xbox Series X restock is still going to be a feisty one. Even with a limited pool of Walmart Plus-only competitors, we see these consoles flying off the shelves. We'd recommend keeping that refresh button warm and brute-forcing your way through to checkout to ensure success today. If you're after something a little more Sony flavored, it's worth noting that Walmart will also be offering more PS5 stock at the same time.

Today's Xbox Series X restock at Walmart


Xbox Series X | $499 at Walmart
The Xbox Series X will be available from 3pm ET for Walmart Plus paying members today (January 13). We'd recommend rocking up nice and early for this one, though, as despite having fewer competitors on the field, getting your console to checkout is still going to be a battle.

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Xbox Series X restocks: hints and tips

We've been covering Xbox Series X restock updates since the console launched, and watching countless waves of stock hitting the shelves. In all that time, we've picked up a thing or two about securing a console when the pressure is on so you'll find all our best tips and tricks just below.

1. Sign in ahead of time
Securing an Xbox Series X restock requires a little planning and preparation. Make sure you're signed in at Walmart and save your payment and shipping details ahead of time. We see so many consoles leaping from carts during the checkout process, simply because buyers are taking a few too many seconds to complete their order. Make sure you can breeze through in as few clicks as possible.

2. Get there early
We'd recommend loading up a few tabs of Walmart's site around 15 minutes before the drop. We regularly see sites crashing under the weight of Xbox Series X restock activity, and the more tabs you have, the less likely you are to be locked out. You'll need to be one of the first to spot stock in order to actually secure it when the clock strikes.

3. Combine desktop and mobile
Use your phone to log in to Walmart's app while you're working from your PC. Some find the app to refresh a little faster than the full desktop site, and the more chances you can create for yourself the better.

4. Keep pushing
When the time does come, refresh any tabs that display 'out of stock' messages and keep hammering to get through to checkout. This is an exercise in speed, yes, but also brute force. Just make sure you've only cornered one console in your cart when it comes time to pay up.

5. Don't give up
If you miss out on this Xbox Series X restock it's still not worth heading over to the pricey reseller side of the internet. These consoles drop back into stock fairly regularly - you just have to work to grab one - which means paying over RRP just isn't worth it yet.

If you manage to speed through checkout in today's Xbox Series X restock, it's well worth checking out all the latest Xbox Series X deals on gear. We're rounding up the best Xbox Series X accessories and all the best Xbox Game Pass deals to get you started.

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