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Xbox Series X pre-orders are live at these retailers now

Xbox Series X pre-orders
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X pre-orders are now live in the US and the UK, but getting hold of Microsoft's next-gen console has proven to be more difficult than we'd hoped. For example, most big retailers in the USA collapsed beneath the weight of visitors to their site. Those that held it together sold out within moments. 

That's not to say you won't find Xbox Series X pre-orders, however. In fact, UK retailer Box in the UK had stock... before selling out in roughly two minutes. Although the website ran out very quickly, it gives us hope that a few more consoles will appear in the wild. Otherwise, we'll have to wait until launch day - Microsoft has stated that there was "record breaking demand" and more stock should be available for November 10, all being well.

Fortunately, there seems to be plenty of the less powerful Xbox Series S to go round. Unlike Xbox Series X pre-orders, many retailers still seem to have stock. To see what the situation is, check out our page on Xbox Series S pre-orders.

No matter which system you want, don't give up hope if you aren't striking lucky right now. We'll be keeping an eye on all of the retailers below in the hopes of finding some Xbox Series X pre-order stock, just like we have been for PS5. Be prepared to move fast, though. If the last few days - and the PS5 pre-orders - are anything to go by, what little stock comes in will sell out fast.

Good luck, everyone!

Pre-order Xbox Series X and Series S: retailer list

Note: bear with us with these links. Many retailer sites have been crashing due to the large demand for Xbox Series X pre-orders. Most of them to have sold out now too, but random stock refreshes have been something of a theme lately, so stick with it!

UK update 11:55am: Look out everyone, seems like the technical issues of yesterday are back. Even though Box promised that they'd have stock for the Xbox Series X this morning, we've now heard that these have been delayed to some undisclosed point in the afternoon. Keep an eye on this page, we'll update you when we know more.

UK update 10:20am: We've heard that Box will be getting pre-orders for Xbox Series X and pre-orders for Xbox Series S in this morning, but so far we've not had any luck. Both console pages are still reading 'register your interest', with no live links as yet. We'll keep you informed!

UK update 5:38pm: We didn't forget about you lot. The Series S is still available at a few stores, but if you want the proper next-gen experience, then you'll find the only place still taking Xbox Series X pre-orders is the Microsoft store.

US update 12:28 ET: No signs of the Series S on Amazon, but the Series X listing page is appearing regularly now, but the console doesn't to be available. Microsoft has stock of the Series S and the listing page of the Series X is live now, but we're struggling to hit the 'configure now' button which is the one you need to click to prep it for checkout. Keep refreshing and hoping folks. We'll get there. 

US update 11:59am ET: Amazon might be on the road to recovery. This page sometimes shows a pre-order listing page (finally), but sometimes it loads as an error page. What a mess. Keep refreshing and cross your fingers folks. Microsoft is your next best bet so far.

US update 11:41am ET: Sigh. Microsoft, your inability to run a single webpage, isn't helping your incessant cause for me to use Edge as a default browser. Amazon? Nope you're still showing us pictures of dog-based error pages when we click on anything Series X-related.

US Update 11:20am ET: As soon as the start-time happened we basically saw all the big retailers collapse. Landing pages for the Series X and Series S either crashed or disappeared. We still haven't seen Amazon update its product page. Walmart, Best Buy and, Newegg all seem to have sold out already. Amazon and Microsoft not being able to anticipate demand and keep the website afloat is frankly appalling. Welcome to amateur hour, gamers.

UK Update 3:15pm: So the Xbox Series X UK stock is still gone by the looks of it, but the Xbox Series S model is hanging in there. Clearly though, most early adopters are keen for the full next-gen experience over the stepping stone that is the Series S. Anyways, the US Xbox  Series X pre-orders are going live next in 45 minutes. Buckle up, America!

Update 11:20am: It's looking like the UK Xbox Series X pre-orders have all gone for now, as even the Microsoft store isn't letting us add to basket. There's still lingering stock remaining at multiple stores for the Xbox Series S pre-orders though.

Update 10:48am: has joined the party for both consoles. Although it only seems to be selling the Series X and Series S in bundles with either Watch Dogs Legion, an extra controller or two (Series X models) or a 3-month Game Pass.

Update 10am: Look out everyone, it would appear that Very has Xbox Series X pre-orders available at the moment. The only catch is that you've got to get it with accessories like a controller or Xbox Game Pass, but that's no bad thing considering the value they offer. Plus, it's not like we can get the system anywhere else beyond Microsoft right now! If you're after the Series S, Very has that too, and you can currently buy the console without extras if you wish.

Update 9:14am: Amazon has stock of the Series S and Microsoft is still stocking both the Series X pre-orders and Series S ones too.

Update 8:59am: Currys is now saying it's sold out once you join the queue, but you can still actually queue for some reason. We'd hang in there for a little while longer if you can as stock has been coming in and out on a regular basis at other stores (and it did with PS5), so don't give up at every sold out sign you see today. 

Update 8:47am: The Currys situation just took a turn, new buyers are looking at having to join the digital queue ahead of putting a PS5 pre-order down. We just hopped in at position....79,800.

Update 8:46am: Finally! The Xbox Series S model has appeared at Amazon (scroll past the Series X to see it). Still looks like the Series X is sold out there though.

Update 8:37am: Currys might be worth a shout again as a fresh click from one of our team saw them jump the queue (maybe it's been binned off) and able to put the £5 deposit down on a pre-order. Microsoft's site is still taking orders, but Amazon stock has gone back to unavailable for both models.

Update 8:19am: The Microsoft links seem to have started working now for both the Series X and Series S. You can even opt for the option where you save 20% on a second controller - although it looks like it's an Xbox One controller, which is compatible, but we'd hoped it would be a newer Series X controller really.

Update 08:09am: Ok, so Xbox Series X pre-orders have just gone live in the UK, and already we're seeing sites crash and struggle to allow us to add to basket. Amazon only seems to be stocking the Series X model so far with the Series S marked as 'unavailable'. We've not been able to add anything to our basket for Microsoft. And Currys infamous digital queue is back, we were in straight away, but still over 5000 places back in the line. Moments later one of our colleagues was over 9000 places back. Stay tuned for more and keep trying the links above.

Xbox Series X pre-order - US

In the US, it might be best to check with the big names first, like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, as they're likely to receive an equally massive number of consoles, so you stand a better chance of getting the console there. If the chaos of the PS5 pre-orders are anything to go by, you'll need all the help you can get.

If you can, it might be worth investigating stores where you can pick up your order in person (like Best Buy). Then you don't need to wait for delivery, worry about possible postal delays, or have anxiety over whether you'll be at home or not when it arrives.

Here are quick and easy links for when Xbox Series X pre-orders go live later today. Bookmark this page and pop back later for updates on which websites have stock and where to get the best deals.

The big cheese of all online retailers is probably going to be one of the biggest stockists of Xbox Series X pre-orders. Having the most units on offer makes it a good bet for day one of Xbox Series X pre-orders, as they're unlikely to sell out as quickly as other stores. Plus, speedy Amazon Prime delivery doesn't hurt.

This is another safe bet for when Xbox Series X pre-orders go live. As one of the bigger stores in America, it'll almost certainly get a lot of stock in for the console's November 10 launch date. Plus, you'll be able to pick up your order in store if you don't want to risk it being delayed in the post or don't think you'll be at home to take delivery that day.

Best Buy
As with Walmart, Best Buy will also presumably have an in-store pickup option for the Xbox Series X's November release. That will suit many gamers better, so it's a tempting choice. The retailer has also been pretty good when it comes to stock during the pandemic, so it's one to watch for sure.

As one of the nation's go-to game shops, GameStop will almost certainly have lots of Xbox Series X pre-order stock as well. However, it's a harder sell if you want to collect in-store thanks to its struggles before and during Covid-19. We'd be concerned about your local brick-and-mortar shops being at risk of closing down.

Xbox Series X pre-order - UK

If you're based in the UK, you can bet on the usual suspects providing lots of Xbox Series X pre-orders. That means Amazon, Currys, Box, Argos, John Lewis, and Game should be your first ports of call when looking for stock. Because they're the biggest retailers with the most clout, they're likely to get the most consoles in to sell. In other words, you stand a better chance of getting the console there than somewhere less mainstream. 

It's a good idea to think about in-store collections, too. Many of us will be at work on the console's Tuesday 10 November release date, so being able to grab your order in person (safely) avoids any awkwardness of your Xbox not being delivered.

To make sure you can put in your Xbox Series X pre-order as quickly as possible, we've gathered up some quick links to the retailers most likely to have stock as mentioned earlier and also below.

As with so many other regions around the world, Amazon will be the easiest way of getting Xbox Series X pre-orders. The enormous retailer will have loads of stock, so it's unlikely to run out before you get a chance to invest.

Currys PC World
This high-street brand is a reliable bet when it comes to Xbox Series X pre-order stock; it's one of the biggest names in the UK, so will almost certainly get plenty of consoles in for November. What's more, Currys has proven itself over and over again to be a reliable source of console deals during lockdown. If any store is going to find a way of getting lots of stock for launch, it's Currys.

John Lewis
This one is perhaps a little more unorthodox, but it's actually one of the best choices for Xbox Series X pre-orders. Why? It offers a free two-year warranty on its electronics devices, and we presume that'll include the next-gen Xbox as well. No other retailers can match that right now, so it's definitely worth considering. Oddly though, we haven't seen the store get any stock of the next-gen consoles.

Game is another high-street mainstay known for its video game deals, so an online order is a pretty safe bet. However, it's been struggling recently and we're unsure of whether certain stores will shut down before next-gen gets here. That could impact you getting your Xbox Series X pre-order on time, so proceed with caution.