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Xbox Series S reportedly has 364GB storage for games and apps

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series S reportedly has 364GB internal storage space for games and apps. 

An image of the boxed console recently surfaced on Reddit from user spead20, who claims the Xbox Series S arrived a week earlier than it was supposed to in Canada. In a reply to the original post, Spead20 writes that the all-digital machine has "364GB storage space for games and apps". 

Received it 1 week early !! From the source (Canada) feeling really lucky ! Hope all of you receive it soon! from r/XboxSeriesX

When Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series S specs, it detailed that the console is fitted with a custom 512GB SSD, which you can see displayed on the front of the box. While we don't know if this storage size from the Reddit post is accurate, some of the space is likely taken up by the operating system and the Quick resume feature - both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S reserve NVMe memory space for the suspended save states - so it could very well be how much space is reserved for apps and games. 

For comparison, the Xbox Series X storage has 802GB of usable space, and the Xbox One had a 500GB harddrive with around 362GB storage. News also recently suggests the PS5 reportedly has 667GB of usable storage space.

Xbox also revealed that both of the next-gen consoles will come with dedicated storage expansion ports, so you can use expansion cards for additional storage space that will maintain the same speed and performance of both of the console's internal SSD. And if you need to free up space, the Xbox Series X and Series S come equipped with a feature that lets you uninstall parts of games

The biggest difference between the two machines is size and resolution. The Xbox Series X supports 4K at 120FPS, while the Series S can run at 1440p at 120fps. At less than half the weight of the Xbox Series X, the Series S is also smaller and lighter than its bigger sibling and doesn't have a disc drive since it's all-digital.  

In other news, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch event set for November 10. 

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