A new 1TB Xbox One is coming, according to a nixed Amazon listing

It looks like Microsoft is prepping a new Xbox One package with a bigger hard drive, a new controller, and still no Kinect. That insight comes via a since-pulled Amazon listing, which put the product's release date on June 15, the same day as Microsoft's E3 2015 stage show.

The system will include a built-in 1TB hard drive for $399, according to Amazon. That's a bit of a price bump from the standard 500GB model, which currently retails for $349, but it does give you twice the storage. It's also worth noting that this wouldn't be the first time Microsoft has offered a 1TB Xbox One - that distinction goes to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle, which debuted at $499 (without Kinect) in November 2014.

The bundle will also include one of those new Xbox One controllers with a built-in 3.5mm jack, according to Amazon. They appear to be otherwise indistinguishable from the old controllers, but not having to use an adapter for your standard headphones is nice.

It doesn't look like the new 1TB package comes with any games, so unless you're really worried about filling up your hard drive, you may want to check out some of bundles that are already available. Then again, if you want to hang on to your all your free games with Gold titles, running out of space is definitely a legitimate concern.

Connor Sheridan

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