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E3 2015 - All the coverage in one place

E3 2015 is kicking off the week of June 14 with press conferences from E3 regulars like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but this time newcomers like Bethesda, and the PC gaming show are taking to the stage as well. This year is shaping up to be an exciting time, and he best thing is, you won't be missing one bit of it. We're covering every essential E3 2015 detail, so stay tuned to GamesRadar+ as we feed you everything you need to know about the E3 2015 games, announcements, hardware reveals, and whatever crazy shenanigans the game makers have in store. Get all the information you need, enjoy full recaps of the press conferences as they happen, and check out the E3 2015 livestreams and content below.

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The E3 2015 games we want to see: