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The best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate prices and deals in May 2022

Xbox Game Pass deals
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Xbox Game Pass deals take Microsoft's best offer and make it even more lucrative. A subscription nets you access to hundreds of games straight away, and if that wasn't enough value for you, you can also often find some solid discounts on these memberships as well. Considering this is one of the best Xbox Series X accessories on the market, any discounts are well worth a punt.

The Xbox Game Pass price system works across three tiers: Console, PC, and Ultimate. The first two get you Xbox Game Pass on your Xbox One or computer, ($9.99 / £7.99pm for consoles, $4.99 / £3.99pm for PC). At the other end of the scale is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This gives you access to the Xbox and PC libraries as well as online play through Xbox Live Gold. If you've opted for the lower Xbox Series S price, this service is going to be essential. 

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price is $14.99 / £14.99 per month, but you'll also find three month memberships available for $44.99 / £44.99. Although it's more expensive, it's also better value for money overall, and you'll find plenty of Xbox Game Pass deals to lower that price as well.

There's a reason it's one of the best Xbox Series X deals going right now, and is even packed into Xbox Series X restocks via the All Access system. The all-in-one membership packs everything you need for a rich experience filled with games and online play. However, if you're just playing solo, the cheaper Xbox Game Pass subscription is all you need.

We're rounding up all the latest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals and cheaper Game Pass prices just below. Of course, if you're just after online play, you'll need to check out the latest Xbox Live deals.

The best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals

If you want to combine your Xbox Game Pass PC and Console subscriptions, and pick up some Live Gold months as well, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals are a much better value pick. While a little pricier than the single Game Pass subscriptions available further down, you'll find all the lowest prices for three month subscriptions just below.

The best Xbox Game Pass deals

While the service itself is awesome, Xbox Game Pass deals can still be pricey - especially if you go for a full year's subscription. With that in mind, we've hunted down the cheapest offers from across the internet to save you money. These are updated every 30 minutes, so be sure to check back in every now and then if you can't see a bargain today.

What's new on Xbox Game Pass for May 2022?

Xbox Game Pass adds more games to its collection every month. This digital care package is usually several games strong, and depending on your membership, you can get games for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, or PC.

To give you a headstart on everything coming your way this month, you'll find all the new games currently announced for May 2022 below:

  • Loot River - May 3 
  • Citizen Sleeper - May 5 
  • Trek to Yomi - May 5th 
  • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - May 10 
  • This War of Mine: Final Cut - May 10 
  • Floppy Knights - May 24 
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker - May 24
  • Sniper Elite 5 - May 26 
  • Pac-Man Museum+ - May 27 

What's leaving Xbox Game Pass in May 2022?

With new games on the way, it's time to say goodbye to some older favorites. The games leaving Xbox Game Pass in May 2022 are listed below. 

  • Enter The Gungeon 
  • Final Fantasty X / X-2 HD Remaster
  • GTA: San Andreas 
  • Steep 
  • The Catch: Carp & Coarse Fishing
  • The Wild at Heart

Is there an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 month subscription?

There is currently no official Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 month subscription, with many retailers only offering one or three month cards. However, these codes are stackable, so you can load up and not have to think about your library for a full year. 

How to drop the Xbox Game Pass price to $1

Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price worth it?

If you're at all interested in keeping up with the latest first party Xbox releases, or exploring the massive back catalogue of first and third party titles on the system, Xbox Game Pass is definitely worth it. However, that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price is a little higher, and it's worth considering whether you're going to be using the additional features it includes. 

If you're not going to be playing online (remember, Microsoft doesn't require a Live Gold subscription for free to play titles anymore), and you don't expect to be buying too many games from the store outright, the Game Pass Ultimate price might not be for you and you're better off sticking with the skinnier subscription. 

However, if you're currently paying for a Live Gold membership (that you use regularly), we'd recommend rolling both subscriptions in together.

You'll also find plenty of Xbox One accessories to compliment your Game Pass subscription. We're also rounding up the best Xbox One controllers and best Xbox Series X headsets as well. 

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