X-Men '97 mid-season trailer teases a surprise, major Marvel cameo

X-Men '97 is halfway through its run on Disney Plus – and an epic new mid-season trailer has teased what's still to come, including what looks to be a major Marvel cameo. The following will delve into spoilers for X-Men '97 episode 5, so turn back now if you're not up to date! 

Now, if you've seen the latest episode, you'll know that Magneto and Gambit both, shockingly, were killed. That's a pretty seismic turn of events, which might explain why the Watcher seems to be lurking in the background of one scene. But it seems there's even more earth-shaking events to come. 

The most interesting thing about the footage, which you can watch above, is an apparent tease of a huge Marvel cameo. Towards the end of the clip, Captain America's shield appears, landing in some snow. Does that mean Cap himself is showing up to help out the X-Men? It certainly seems likely – though, since X-Men '97 isn't set in the MCU, it won't be the Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson that we know from the movies. 

As upsetting as episode 5 may have been, by the sounds of things, that's only the beginning. "Episode 8-10 is my big one," series creator Beau DeMayo tweeted, adding in another tweet: "This was our warm-up." 

Elsewhere in Captain America related news, the upcoming fourquel, Captain America: Brave New World, recently received a first look – and footage debuted behind closed doors at CinemaCon. 

X-Men '97 continues weekly. You can check out our guide to all the upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows for everything else the MCU has in store. 

Molly Edwards
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