WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain Cheats

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Z2580

    Use a Chain

    Irish whip your opponent on the right hand corner (turnbuckle) of the ring and run towards him and press X so your superstar performs a move. If it hits your opponent right on the chest, you will see the chain from the turnbuckle cushion fall down and then you can use it. But be to hit him on the chest. If you hit him somewhere else, it wont work.
    You will get DQ'd if you use the chain but its really fun so go ahead and try it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by word life

    Treadmill trick

    In the locker room, walk onto the treadmill and press Square to start using it . now press X really fast, and you will get a special quickly

  • PS2 | Submitted by superboy

    Do 619 Without Using a Special!

    1. Use rey mysterio then press circle and down and then press circle and right. then run towards the rope and press x while your near him
    2. Use who ever you want in a hardcore match. then go to the parking lot. then when you're there get on the motorcycle by using square, when you're on it press x to accelerate, ride towards your opponent and then press circle. Then you have them by the throat and to let go just press circle

  • PS2 | Submitted by Paul Hartman

    Ring Collapse

    Go into a singles match and choose a big guy for example (big show, rickishi, Kevin nash) u know a big guy and set a table in the middle of the ring, then throw someone on it. Get onto the turnbuckle and taunt and keep taunting until your opponent starts to get up. right before he gets up jump you will then land on a table with nobody on it and you will break the table and then go through the ring. you will then be disqualified but what the heck its just a singles match so try it out

  • PS2 | Submitted by C911

    Goldberg's Spear

    I know many of you wonder how to do the spear because you can't run and do it. Well, it's very easy all you do is be Goldberg or CAW with your special meter filled. Than do a clothesline or something like that cause when the computer is laying on their stomach, press L1 and watch. Then you can do the jackhammer or go for the pin. I hope that was helpful.

  • PS2 | Submitted by NIls Schneider

    Easy Wins

    To Get a Easy Win in Here Comes The Pain You Go out side of the ring and go to the side of the ring by the ramp go to the middle of it and press square to get a table then get into the ring and go to a turn buckle and walk to it while walking to it press square to slant it on Hint: do it fast or the reff will take it . then run to it and the other wrestler will trough you into it he will be disqualified and you win the match this will take a few trys. Hint: this also works in season tag tEAMS AND SINGLES MATCHES it wont work in a none DQ match.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steve-O

    Get Specials for Smackdown! Move

    If you go on the treadmills in the locker room and keep pressing the x button button you will keep getting more space filled up in your Smackdown! meter and then you'll have all the Smackdown! S's u can get.
    Note:u need at least one Smackdown! S to be empty.

  • PS2 | Submitted by J.D. Method

    Funny Toilet Trick

    When you go into the training room(The one with the treadmills) if you whip your opponent in to the room with the toilet they fall over and start drinking out of it. Unfortunatly the door closes as soon as he starts drinking toilet water. Try it though it's funny.
    Oh yeah if you go in to the room that you first start in if you go backstage. If you go on top of the cage thing, you can smash your opponent through the top and get stuck inside. But if you go up to the sides and keep pressing square then you break the cage wall down. Have fun with my backstage tricks!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Here's a list of what you can buy in shopzone:
    Legends: SD$35000
    Attires: 2000-8000 SD$
    Move Sets 1-7: SD$2500
    Times Square: SD$10000
    Raw & Smackdown B: SD$3000
    Wrestlemania 19: SD$5000
    Summerslam Arena: SD$3000
    Rebellion Arena: SD$3000
    Bra & Panties: SD$8000
    Divas loading screen: SD$2000&5000

  • PS2 | Submitted by MudasX

    Easy Higher attributes for Created superstars

    To more easily raise the attributes for your created wrestlers, begin the game only having one created wrestler. Within career mode, after a few 'seasons' you should be able to get your created wrestlers attributes up to 10.
    Once you have done this, go to the options from the main menu. From here select "system data" and then "Copy a created superstar" Once you have copied them successfully, go under create mode and change their appearances etc. to whatever suits you, and all of your wrestlers attributes will be as high as those of the previously created wrestler.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Mane

    Get Credits Movie (John Cena)

    Beat the game one time with any superstar.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Backstage Area Tricks

    Times Square Tricks: In times square, there is a lightpost. Get by it, and press square. Your superstar will climb it, and you can jump from it. Also in times square, when the ladder of the news helicopter gets by you, press square, and you can jump from that too. Plus, In Times Square, there are windows, and if you whip your opponent in to them, they will break, and out will come a mannequin, and a shopping cart. Also, when the limo parks at the right side curb, get on it, and put your opponent through it in any way. The limo will explode, and four rims drop down as weapons. NOTE: This can be done with any car

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ronn 05

    Continuous Weapon Use

    Go outside the ring and get a weapon (anything but a table), bring it in the ring and and drop it on the floor. Run towards the referee and knock him out (make sure you are still focused on your opponent though or else the ref will reverse it). pick up the weapon and beat your opponent. Whenever the ref tries to get up throw your weapon at him and he will stay down. If you keep doing this then you can beat your opponent until his whole body is in the red and the match should be won shortly after that.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hidden door in the fitness room.

    Once you are in a hardcore match go to the fitness room and you will se a crack on a wall. You must irish whip the person into the wall a couple of times then the wall will break and a room will be revealed. You can also throw your opponents into the lockers there or in the showers.

  • PS2 | Submitted by William B.

    Get out of Elimination Chamber

    Get in the Elimination Chamber with 2 players. Have your 2nd player climb up the chamber walls and position himself above a glass chamber where the other opponents wait to get into the match. Once he is up there, get on the turnbuckle closest to him. Then just jump at him using a diving attack and you will end up outside of the chamber and you will be able to run around all over the arena as if it was a regular match. (If you don't end up outside, just keep trying, it will eventually work). Also, if you wan't a friend to join you outside, just have him get on the turnbuckle and try to jump at you from inside, (but make sure that you are standing right behind the glass chamber outside, closest to the turnbuckle that they are standing on). You could repeat this process to get even more opponents outside.

  • PS2 | Submitted by DaRick2k3

    Hidden Area

    Find the wall that appears to be cracked, and Irish whip your opponent into it. The wall should break away, and you have a hidden area.

  • PS2 | Submitted by DaRick2k3


    01-WWR William Regal
    02-WAS Al Snow
    03-WSD Spike Dudley
    04-WBR Bradshaw
    05-WFA Farooq
    06-WBG Billy Gunn
    07-WCP Chuck Palumbo
    08-WBK Billy Kidman
    09-WS2H Scotty 2 Hotty
    10-WTA Tazz
    11-WHH Bob Holly
    12-WJN Jaimie Noble
    13-WJR Jamal/Rosey
    14-WTD Tommy Dreamer
    15-WBD Bill DeMott
    16-WFU Sho Funaki
    17-WCR Crash Holly
    18-OJH Jeff Hardy
    19-ORA Raven
    20-OXP X-Pac
    21-ODD DDP
    22-ODL D Lo Brown
    23-OJC Justin Credible
    24-OGF Godfather
    25-OSB Steve Blackman
    26-OSM Shane McMahon
    27-OBB Big Bossman
    28- Perry Saturn
    29- Mike Awesome
    30-ODM Dean Malenko
    31-OMP Mister Perfect
    32-OMF Mick Foley
    33-CBH Brett Hart
    34-ZAG Andre the Giant
    35-ZBB Bob Backlund
    36-OER Essa Rios
    37-ORD Road Dogg
    38-DLTF Terry Funk
    39-CRR Razor Ramon
    40-CST Sting
    41- Ken Shamrock
    42-CJJ Jeff Jarrett
    43- TAKA Michinoku
    44- Kensuke Sasake
    45- Keiji Mutoh
    46- Masa Chono
    47- Hiroyoshi Tenzan
    48- Manabu Nakanishi
    49- Yugi Nagata
    50- Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger
    51- Kendo Kashin
    52- Toshiaki Kawada
    53- Genichiro Tenryu
    54- Big Van Vader
    55- Mitsuharu Misawa
    56- Kenta Kobashi
    57- Jun Akiyama
    58- Antonio Inoki
    59- Naoya Ogawa
    60- Shinya Hashimoto
    61- The Great Sasuke
    62- Atsushi Onita
    63- Ivory
    64- Fred Durst
    65- Shoot Set 1
    66- Shoot Set 2
    67- Joshi Set A
    68- Joshi Set B
    69- Lucha Set
    70-OHH Hulk Hogan
    71-OUW Ultimate Warrior

  • PS2 | Submitted by CHRIS COTTO

    Areas to use

    1. Training room- run your opponent into the cracked wall two times and then you will be able to run him into the locker,and shower.
    2. Parking lot- you can use the motorcycle and forklift to injure your opponent. Run your opponent into the metal fence,Volt boxes on the wall will then be exposed so you can run your opponent into it.
    3. Times square- You have to buy the area. You also can climb the ladder on the helicopter and jump off onto your opponent or car. You can also climb the arena.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Darick2k3

    Reversing/Avoiding moves

    Press L2 or R2 to avoid/reverse strikes or grapples respectively, and you have two chances with strikes, by either reversing the move, or dodging the oncoming attack.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daniel Robinson

    Shave Kurt Angle's hair

    Pick anyone to do the season with and at the start it will say challenge for the undisputed title and say don't challenge, from then on do not accept any other challenges and at Judjement Day you should start in the locker room with Kutr Angle and the only way out is to talk to him. He then should ask you if you want to have a hair match.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Mr. America

    Super Hi Flying

    You can only do this in a tables match. You just stack table on top of each other. You have to throw the table on top of a table first and go on top of the table and press square on the table. Last put the ladder on top
    (if there is one) it also works on an announcer table.

  • PS2 | Submitted by J. Holle

    Parking Lot Hint

    In the parking lot where the motorcycle and forklift are, if you throw your opponent towards the black semi-trailer, he will jump up on the top, and the only way down for him is to fall, he can't climb down! You can get up there too by either running towards the trailer, or standing by the trailer and pressing the directional button towards the trailer and the triangle button, once up there you can throw him off, or he may throw you off, but remember, the only way down for you is to fall too!

  • PS2 | Submitted by A Dark Man

    Easy Way to Win Hell in a Cell Match

    A easy way to beat an hell in a cell match is to run to the door and kick it open by pressing directional buttons and triangle then go up the cell and when your opponent comes up Irish whip them toward the outside and when they are are messed up then punch them and they take a good amount of damage do it over and over

  • PS2 | Submitted by Brett Stopczynski

    Put Your Opponent Through 3 Tables At One Time

    To do this, enter a TLC match. (this is easier to do if you set it on 2 player mode) Once the match starts, go pick up one of the tables. Move in front of the announcers table a hold down and push circle to throw it on the announcers table. Next, get on top of the announcers table and pick up the table you threw on it. Hold down and push square to set it up in back of the table. Next, go get the other table. Throw it on the announcers table too. Then, get on the announcers table. Pick up the table you just threw up there. Hold down and push square to throw it on the other table. Now, get on top of that table. Pick up the table that is lying down. Now move the other player on the same table you are on. push a directional button + circle to set you opponent up on the table. Now do a move to slam him through the table. He should go through all 3 tables. (This may take a few tries.)

  • PS2 | Submitted by tonowanda5

    Different Weapons Under Ring!

    In season mode you can go to ringside and pull out a weapon {chairs left and right side, table at the top, and a sludge hammer at the bottom.} If you beat season mode a couple of times, say about ten times, the chair on the right will now be a ladder. Sometimes it will be a ladder and sometimes it will be a chair. And a ladder comes in handy once in a while.

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain Glitches

  • PS2 | Submitted by Me

    Quick Strip In Bra & Painties

    Give one of the divas the People's Elbow finisher and use it during a bra & painties match. She will rip off her clothes without losing. NOTE: If your opponet tries to strip you after she has taken all of her clothes off it will freeze.

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Diego

    The Unlockables and Hidden

    This is for everyone asking about hidden or unlockable items, so here they are...
    Times Square - $10,000
    Smackdown B - $3000
    RAW B - $3000
    Wrestlemania XIX - $5000
    Summerslam - $3000
    Rebellion - $3000
    Rock - $8000
    Austin - $8000
    HHH - $8000
    Undertaker - $8000
    RVD - $6000
    Angle - $8000
    Jericho - $6000
    Benoit - $6000
    Kane - $6000
    Show - $6000
    Edge - $6000
    Steiner - $6000
    Stephanie - $5000
    Vince - $5000
    Bischoff - $3000
    Flair - $6000
    Rico - $3000
    Brock - $8000
    Michaels - $6000
    Moves set
    Moves set 1 (USA set 1) - $2500
    Moves set 2 (USA set 2) - $2500
    Moves set 3 (USA set 3) - $2500
    Moves set 4 (USA set 4) - $2500
    Moves set 5 (Japan set 1) - $2500
    Moves set 6 (Japan set 2) - $2500
    Moves set 7 (etc set) - $2500
    Superfly Snuka - $35,000
    Million Dollar Man - $35,000
    Sgt Slaughter - $35,000
    Old School Taker - $35,000
    Animal - $35,000
    Hawk - $35,000
    Bra and Panties
    Bra and Panties 1 (Torrie) - $8000
    Bra and Panties 2 (Sable) - $8000
    Bra and Panties 3 (Stacey) - $8000
    Bra and Panties 4 (Trish) - $8000
    Bra and Panties 5 (Lita) - $8000
    Bra and Panties 6 (Jazz) - $8000
    Bra and Panties 7 (Victoria) - $8000
    Divas Loading Screen
    Divas Loading Screen 1 (Torrie) - $2000
    Divas Loading Screen 2 (Sable) - $2000
    Divas Loading Screen 3 (Stacey) - $2000
    Divas Loading Screen 4 (Trish) - $2000
    Divas Loading Screen 5 (Lita) - $2000
    Divas Loading Screen 6 (Jazz) - $2000
    Divas Loading Screen 7 (Victoria) - $2000

  • PS2 | Submitted by Josh S

    Unlock Credits

    All you have to do is beat season mode once.(It doesn't matter how many times you win or lose.)

  • PS2 | Submitted by MrTroy

    Unlock Credits and Hulk Hogan and others Movesets!

    To Unlock credits, all you have to do is beat 1 year of season mode!
    When editing a moveset for a wrestler (like a CAW), Go to Auto-Setting, and go to superstars, and Go to the last few pages, as in all smackdown games, there is the list of movesets. You can generally tell whose it is by the last 2 letters, if the last 2 letters are BH, its bret hart, i checked.
    In season mode, you must by the movesets to get hulk hogans moveset, its the perfect moveset, including all from SD4, and they even gave him a new "hulking up" move, and he's not even on the game, they also have the likes of hardcore holly and billy gunns movesets!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Kristian

    Unlock Brett "Hitman" Hart

    Go through season mode with Shawn Michaels and when you get to wrestlemania XX you will be surprised attacked by Bret!