WWE 2K16 roster update: The New Day, Ricky Steamboat, and 6 more make the cut

The big grapple

UPDATE for September 18: More then twenty new character models have been unveiled but cheekily, many are duplicates such as Badass and Ministry Undertaker. There are, however, eleven fresh grapplers included in that list, including The New Day, Savio Vega and oh hell yeah! Brian Pillman. Weve therefore refreshed the gallery to include all 118 wrestlers and divas announced so far. Crucially, our number doesnt include duplicates.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: While Yuke's' official WWE series has garnered mixed reviews in recent years, one area its always strong in is attention to detail outside of the ring, specifically arenas, wrestler entrances, and t-shirts worn by members of the crowd. In fact that latter apparel-based matter has become a flawless, ambient tie-up with each game's roster over the years. Simply, if a WWE superstar or diva is in the game, so too is their official merchandise, and vice versa. As a result, 2Ks recent video reveal of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins entrances inadvertently blows a good deal more future reveals, unveiling - at least to eagle-eyed fans - another 22 roster members in WWE 2K16 who havent yet been officially announced.

With more than 120 wrestlers featured in the upcoming edition, theres been a clamour for stars both old and new to join current-era combatants like John Cena and Randy Orton. And on this evidence, 2K and Yukes have delivered. Stalwarts The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and The Rock are joined by the returning Bret Hitman Hart, while NXT standouts Baron Corbin, Enzo Amore and Charlotte are among this years debutants. For all 22 in-game characters unveiled in this way, and an updated list of every guy and gal revealed so far, read on


Last year the WCW legend made his WWE game debut as a pre-order incentive, ahead of his first ever in-ring appearance for the company against Triple H at WrestleMania 31. He lost that particular match, but theres better news on the virtual front, with this unmistakable tee confirming his spot in WWE 2K16.

Bray Wyatt

Eater of worlds, new face of fear, and king of the rambling nonsensical promo, Bo Dallass real-life big bro has spent the year racking up victories against Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Roman Reigns before realigning with family member Luke Harper. His return to the series after debuting last year, then, is hardly a surprise but its still pleasing to have it confirmed.

Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, and Charlotte

Grease is the word? Meh. Try woo. That blue shirt weve zoomed in on here is unmistakably the If youre gonna do it, do it with Flair number worn by Rics daughter, and former NXT Womens champ, throughout this year. Joining her on the 2K16 roster are fellow WWE Hall Of Famer offspring: Jimmy and Jey Uso, sons of stinkface-rocking Too Cool dance buddy Rikishi.

Kevin Owens

NXT champion for much of 2015, the artist formerly known as Kevin Steen burst onto the WWE scene proper at Elimination Chamber with a five-star match against John Cena, from which he emerged victorious. Subsequent losses to WWEs answer to Superman have dampened his heat since, but youll at least be able to enact revenge with Mr Pop-up Powerbomb in 2K16.

Baron Corbin

Still finding his feet in NXT, former NFL lineman Tom Pestock recently turned heel after an unsuccessful babyface run in which even former ECW favourite Rhyno failed to make him interesting. Still, theres raw potential here and if Corbin does make it to Raw over the next 12 months, youll be able to promote him similarly in-game.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and Shawn Michaels

Seriously injured in a match with Samoa Joe earlier this year, its strongly rumoured that Kidd may never wrestle again which would be a huge shame after he and Cesaros innovative tag team run earlier in 2015. Youll at least be able to reunite the pair within 2K16 or place either in technical masterclasses against the man consider some to be the greatest ever, Shawn HBK Michaels.


Currently used in a part-time role due to husband Tyson Kidds aforementioned neck knack, many experts still consider the daughter of Jim The Anvil Neidhart to be WWEs best in-ring female performer. Fancy seeing her embark upon a second, much-deserved Divas Championship reign? In 2K16, that power is yours.


Cody Rhodes has appeared in multiple previous WWE titles, but his alter-ego Stardust was omitted from last years iteration after his character switch occurred after roster finalisation. No such problem this time around. We expect brother and on-off rival Goldust currently out injured, but still contracted to WWE to be revealed imminently, too.

Roman Reigns

Underwhelming fan reaction at the turn of the year turned the man being groomed as John Cena Mk II into the 2015 reincarnation of Lex Luger. Which is a shame, as even an overexposed Reigns is 100 times more bearable in main events than 73 year-old Kane or 73 stone Big Show. Like him or not, hell be one of 2K16s most powerful competitors.

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