Worst Rock-Star cameos of all time

Wu-Tang Clan: Shaolin Style

Critical shred:With a different fighting engine behind it, this could have been a much, much better game.” -Gamespot

By their own admission, the Wu-Tang Clan are nothing to f**ck with, and fans would do well to heed that advice when it comes to their jive ass PlayStation game. Oh snap - we went there! Even the inclusion of three exclusive tracks couldn’t save this golden mouthful of narcissism from getting critically panned for multiplayer slowdown and visuals so nasty you couldn’t tell a RZA from a GZA.

Above: Shaolin Style featured the members of the Wu-Tang, including Captain Dirty Mouth and Bruce the Rappin’ Ninja

The game is perhaps most famous for being built on the notoriously canceled Thrill Kill engine, and is probably just as violent. This polygonal walkabout through the 36 Chambers featured blood, torture and skin removal in addition to Tang-laden FMVs that, as always, stand the test of time.

Activision also manufactured an exclusive Wu-Tang controller with a complete disregard for rumble, analog sticks and ergonomics. Given its relative uselessness, it’s become a collector’s item of sorts, after the bulk of them were slowly annexed by Batman to throw at handguns.