Worst Rock-Star cameos of all time

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker - 1990

Critical shred:With only the occasional palette-switch, every level has just one or two enemy types that are on an endless loop, like a drum track in a Rockwell song.” – IGN.com

Above: Hey, that’s not the right box art!

Above: That’s better

From baby dangling, underage petting allegations, on down to monkey enslavement and videogames, Michael Jackson can do no wrong and it’s been proven in the court of law. Even after Sega tricked a generation into thinking Moonwalker was a “killer exclusive” for the Genesis, gamers look back on the dupe with campy charm.

In what can only be described as part vanity project, part unsettling fantasy, someone has kidnapped a group children for no discernable reason, and it’s up to MJ to win the day and claim his prize. The President of Pop jazz-kicked his way through cookie-cutter enemies as his trusty sidekick Bubbles the Chimpanzee pointed the way to victory. At least this game actually incorporated the music into the gameplay. If MJ’s Moonwalker will be remembered for anything it’s the Dance Magic Attack featuring his trademarked tunes backed by adorable MIDI versions of “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller.”