Worst Rock-Star cameos of all time

Journey - 1983

Critical Shred:I personally thought it was dumb.” - Steve Perry!!!

In the early eighties it would appear that any way fans wanted Journey, that’s the way they needed them (Warning: Journey puns!). So when it came time to conquer another medium, the pappy rockers boldly chose the glistening new frontier of videogames. Paving the way for shitty Flash games everywhere, the “developers” pasted crude black and white band photos on bodies and digitized the hell out of tunes like “Wheel in the Sky” and “Don’t Stop Believin”.

Above: Arcade goers in 1983 embraced this game with Open Arms

Steve Perry and The Rest leapt through 5 planets of pre-NES platforming idiocy to recover their lost instruments. Upon beating the game you were treated to a rousing rendition of Separate Ways, played from an actual cassette player built into the cabinet.


So loved by the world, the Atari got an even worse sequel in the form of Jouney Escape.

Above: Some will win... some will lose