Worst Rock-Star cameos of all time

N*SYNC Get to the Show - 2001

Critical shred:I don't think that even if I held my breath until the brink of unconsciousness that I could confuse this with something that's fun.” - Stage Select

When N*SYNC released their sophomore album “No Strings Attached” they f**king meant it! Their talent could no longer be confined by the tyranny of mere audio, and the time had come to serenade another medium. I’m sure you all remember N*SYNC’s career defining performance on the Game Boy Color.

Get to the Show featured everything we all expected from a game featuring the greatest pop act of all time, including driving to a venue and warming up with a game of hacky sack. That would all sound stupid if you didn’t look at the game as a prequel to awesomeness.

Better still, the PC got its own N*SYNC EXCLUSIVE with N*SYNC Hotline and Fantasy Phone. Not only did it allow you the privilege of bowling with this national treasure, but the game also included a fancy phone peripheral so you could hear satanic messages from JT, Larry and that other guy.

Above: *swoon*