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The worst box art of 2012

21. Traffic 360

A note to the photographer of this confusingly named game: Unless you're shooting an art film or a skate video, it's probably best to leave the fisheye lens at home.

20. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Try to imagine the experience of bringing this loli-themed game up to the register. You wait for the moment that the coast is clear, avoiding eye contact with the cashier as you approach the counter. You hurriedly complete the transaction, lest any other customers see your purchase of an RPG revolving around innocent, underage, scantily-clad anime girls. Inaudibly, you mutter under your breath how you wish GameStop offered an option for brown paper bags.

19. Sandman: Whispered Stories

Years from now, that actress in the upper left will look back on this box art and succumb to deep pangs of regret.

18. The Hip Hop Dance Experience

We'd rather not "E Perience" a game whose only hope of drawing attention was to plaster the cover with a jumbled mess of billboard singles. And is that a blood splatter beneath that dancer in the upper right? It looks like he got shot in the pelvis and is now contorting in pain.

17. Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze

So what we're looking at here is a teenage Frankenstein's monster and her two vampire friends, somehow marketed as a Bratz-style skating trio. Correct us if we're mistaken, but judging from the left-most girl's spiked helmet strap, is our zombified protagonist's pink hair draped over her friend's shoulder? Weird.

16. Resident Evil Operation: Raccoon City

This scene raises far more questions than one game could possibly answer. Why is that guy using a zombie as a "human" shield? What, are zombies with guns shooting at him? What happened to make that zombie so deathly afraid of the ESRB's M symbol? And why, pray tell, does it look like that Tyrant is coming to the rescue of his zombie son who's being bullied by masked weirdos?

15. Little Deviants

Did someone think these guys looked cute? Because bug-eyed, buck-toothed blobs are the exact opposite of cute.

14. Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition

One wonders just how the good the HD Deluxe Edition could possibly look, when the games cover depicts a dopey-looking chopper Photoshopped onto the first result for Google Image searching the word explosion. The sloppy I came up with this design while doodling in my grade school notepad logo for Rising Star Games doesnt help matters much.

13. Big Time Rush Dance Party

Bleugh. Is this what the teen girls go for these days? It appears that these chaps confused the act of dancing with jump up and make a face like youre jeering at someone less pretty than you. The blue-shirted dimwit on the far left is oblivious to the whole scene. Hes too busy practicing his big magical act: making a metrosexual appear out of thin air.

12. Binary Domain

Its pretty obvious, when you look closely: That wounded soldier is taking this opportunity to fondle his fellow squadmates bulging pecs. Given the confused, startled look on the main characters face, were not so sure hes enjoying it.