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The worst box art of 2012

11. Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park

If you drop acid, eat two entire bags of Gummi Bears, then projectile vomit onto a diorama of a carnival, it will look nothing like this. But it'd probably make for better box art.

10. Haunted

We can't really speak from experience, but if someone was about to brutally butcher us with an axe, our expression would probably be more animated than this girl's vacant, uninterested stare. Kudos to that midget ghost pirate (which, coincidentally, is our new band name) for strutting without a care in the world for what's going on around him. And that Scottish ghost in the background looks like he took a wrong turn while chasing Scooby and the gang.

9. Lets Try Bass Fishing FISH ON NEXT

Something about this image just seems wrong. Maybe it's the not-so-subtle sexualization of this clearly-not-of-age girl. Could be the fact that her pants button is undone, offering a glimpse at her striped undergarments. Or perhaps it's the presence of a Band-Aid inexplicably placed above her stockings. Were not sure, but it was probably aimed at the booming "pedophile fisherman" market.

8. Reality Fighters

Meet the Dillweed triplets. Born with the unfortunate defect of having a human head atop a poorly rendered CG body, they were also gifted with extraordinary-to-extremely-ordinary powers. One brother has the ability to wear a cape that isnt attached to his shoulders; another possesses a single nipple which grants him boxing prowess. Unfortunately, Timmy in the foreground there was only granted the power to look like a complete tool.

7. Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

Images of women burning alive at the stake sell games, right guys? Right? Guys?

6. Resident Evil 6

Besides offering no information whatsoever about what the game youre buying will involve, RE6 has been cursed with a cant be unseen logo gaffe. That is to say: Dude is definitely performing unwilling fellatio on that purple giraffe.

5. micoach

Pictured: That time the Green Lantern was feeling lazy and unmotivated, so he conjured up a bunch of jade gym trainers. And wait a sec...what's going on over th--