Wonder Woman 2 might swap WW1 for the '80s, and see a popular character return

Wonder Woman was great. Like really, really great. If reports are to be believed, Wonder Woman 2 will be going for an if ain’t broke don’t fix it approach as it will apparently involve Diana crossing paths with another set of nefarious figures in a historical conflict and, oh, hey, she’ll have a previously dead ally along for the ride too. Spoilers for Wonder Woman follow.

Screen Rant are reporting that we’ll next see Diana (post-Justice League, of course) rocking up in the 1980s as she battles Soviet forces in the dying days of the Cold War. Not only that, but there’s even talk of Chris Pine returning to the franchise which, I mean, is quite something seeing as how he died at the end of the first movie.

I’m all-in on Diana taking on various historical battles – even if moving on to evil Russians after disposing of evil Germans is a bit cliché – but it’s a bit of a shock to see Steve Trevor (or some other incarnation) in the mix again. It has to be some sort of flashback, right? The report states that he’s back as an ally though so… huh. I dunno.

It’s probably worth ignoring the fact that the first Wonder Woman clearly has some parallels with Captain America: The First Avenger with a potential sequel possibly re-treading the spy thriller aesthetic of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mostly because Gal Gadot playing an 80s-fied Diana will be brilliant.

Image: DC/Warner Bros

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