Wonder Woman 1984 director on Justice League: “DC directors tossed that out”

Wonder Woman 1984
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The theatrical cut of Justice League is still causing controversy. After director Zack Snyder stepped away from the project due to a family tragedy, Joss Whedon was brought in to oversee reshoots – which ended up significantly changing the movie from Snyder’s original vision. Other directors working in the DC extended universe have since revealed that they were, like many fans, not particularly keen on the finished product.

Speaking to Cinema Blend about the movie, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins said: “I think that all of us DC directors tossed that out just as much as the fans did.”

She added that the film does not work with either Wonder Woman movies, and said it was “hard” to see a version of the character that didn’t fit with how she saw the hero. “I felt that that version contradicted my first movie in many ways, and this current movie, which I was already in production on,” Jenkins said. “So then, what are you going to do? I was like… you would have to play ball in both directions in order for that to work.”

As for Snyder, Jenkins had more positive things to say. “The only thing I have done, and have always tried to do, is – I knew, when Zack was doing Justice League, where she sort of ends up. So I always tried… like, I didn’t change her suit, because I never want to… I don’t want to contradict his films, you know?” the director explained. “But yet, I have to have my own films, and he’s been very supportive of that. And so, I think that that Justice League was kind of an outlier. They were trying to turn one thing into, kind of, another. And so then it becomes, ‘I don’t recognise half of these characters. I’m not sure what’s going on.’”

The good news is the original vision for the superhero team-up, titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is arriving to HBO Max as a four-part miniseries soon sometime in the next few months. From Jenkins’ comments, it’s easy to assume that we’ll be seeing a different version of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince in the completed Snyder Cut, one that fits more with the hero we saw in both Wonder Woman movies.

Wonder Woman 1984 is arriving to theatres (and simultaneously to HBO Max in the US) this December. Until then, check out our guide to watching DC movies in order for the ultimate movie marathon.

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