Wonder Woman 1984 could skip theaters and go straight to streaming, according to report

Wonder Woman 1984
(Image credit: Warner Bros./DC)

Wonder Woman 1984 is still officially slated for a theatrical release on June 4, but Warner Bros. is reportedly considering skipping theaters entirely and releasing it straight to consumers in a streaming format.

According to sources at TheWrap, early talks are being had between Warner Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich and his top advisers about "a streaming alternative" to a theatrical release. If things do proceed that way - and it sounds like Warner Bros. would still rather have a theatrical release at this point - it would likely take the form of a direct-to-consumer release instead of releasing on a streaming service.

It might be no surprise that the concern at Warner Bros. is about the widespread closure of movie theaters across the US and UK as the coronavirus pandemic continues its reign of terror. Accordingly, the company is said to be worried about a potential "shortage of favorable [release dates]" once theaters do re-open, as many delayed movies are likely to be competing for the best spots.

Apparently, the discussions are being held quietly and away from the production crew, including director Patty Jenkins and producer Charles Roven. Warner President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein told TheWrap that skipping a theatrical release for Wonder Woman 1984 isn't being discussed. “We’re looking to release the movie theatrically, that’s our plan,” he said.

If the reporting is true, this could mark the beginning of a seismic shift in the way film distributors release content in the age of coronavirus. In a way, it's hard to imagine any other scenario, as we're unlikely to see the same crowds at movie theaters for quite a while to come. At least with this pandemic, streaming seems a far more practical venue for both releasing and watching films.

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