Wolf Creek 2 details revealed


During promotion of his latest horror flick Needle at the Gold Coast Film Festival, Wolf Creek star John Jarratt spoke about plans for Wolf Creek 2 , boasting that fans can anticipate “a lot more action” out of the sequel.

"It's more of a road film this time with a lot of chasing going on everything from cars to horses," the man behind the terrifying Mick Taylor said.

"There's also a chase that ends up back in a cave, his lair. And of course, there's plenty of blood and guts."

Director Greg McLean is returning to the project and seems optimistic about the direction of the film, as the sequel has a budget ten times larger than the original to play with.

"We're getting to throw trucks off cliffs and a bunch of other stuff I can't talk about," McLean revealed. Which sounds bloody exciting to us.

So, for those of you who had the phrase “head on a stick” tattooed on their psyche, be very very excited for Wolf Creek 2’s 2013 theatrical release.