Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty addresses its PC port issues

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Team Ninja's latest PC patch hopes to address some of the issues surrounding its sub-par PC port of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

ICYMI, patch 1.03 - which is out now - intends to address numerous issues, including progression bugs, and trophy/achievement issues. It also specifically addresses several persistent woes for PC players, too.

You should now find "improved" camera controls when using your mouse, and issues with white flickers, resolution bugs, graphic card selection problems, and "crash-prone situations that occurred in certain environments" - Team Ninja doesn't specify what these are, unfortunately - have been resolved.

A cursory glance at the game's subreddit page, however, suggests some players are continuing to experience issues, particularly with crashing. 

One player noted the game's "very poor performance" while playing on Game Pass for PC, saying: "The game for some reason is locked on a 1280x720p resolution, it's running between 10 and 15 fps and crashes every time I pass the character creator screen".

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest in a long line of disappointing PC ports. Last month Wild Hearts, EA and Omega Force's take on Monster Hunter, also received "mostly negative" reviews due to its performance issues. On top of that, The Callisto Protocol and the new-gen version of The Witcher 3 left much to be desired when they launched on PC late last year. 

"Wo Long sees Team Ninja build on the core quality of the Nioh games," we said in GamesRadar+'s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review, in which we awarded the game an impressive four stars out of five.

"Its new systems, from the spirit gauge to morale levels within each stage, feel well-considered and tightly honed to encourage exploration and bold, expressive fighting styles. Some old habits die hard, especially the tiresome loot gathering, but the game's core combat and traversal options always shine through."

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