Wild Hearts on PC has huge performance issues, leading to 'Mostly Negative' Steam reviews

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Wild Hearts is out now, but PC players are less than enthused about the action game's performance on their platform.

EA and Omega Force's hunting game actually launched yesterday for PC players, a day ahead of console platforms. As such, PC players have had time to dig into Wild Hearts overnight, but unfortunately the feedback surrounding performance in particular isn't great.

You can see a collection of tweets from various PC players just below, all highlighting Wild Hearts' bad performance on PC. It doesn't appear to matter what rig the PC players are using either - EA's new game seems to run just downright badly no matter your specs.

In particular, stuttering and dropped frames seem to be huge issues for Wild Hearts players on PC. The hunting game just can't hold a steady frame rate, its players allege, and that's made all the more glaring when considering Wild Hearts' hectic fast-paced action and last-second dodge from monster attacks.

Over on Steam, Wild Hearts is unfortunately sitting it a 'Mostly Negative' review tracker. After nearly 2,000 user reviews, the overwhelming sentiment from players is performance being especially bad. "Buy our game today, and we promise it'll work next week," writes one user. "The price is higher than the FPS you will be able to pull in this game," says another reviewer.

We've also experienced issues with Wild Hearts on PC, extending back to a closed playtest session last year in October. In our Wild Hearts preview, we noted just how rough the closed playtest was, featuring crashes, stuttering, and a litany of other performance issues, all of which put a pretty sour twist on what would have otherwise been an incredibly fun experience.

These problems extended to the PC review build of Wild Hearts earlier this month, which we played alongside the PS5 version, and apparently, the public retail version of the game. You can head over to our Wild Hearts PC performance issues guide for several tricks for improving performance.

However, it's worth noting EA and Omega Force are well aware of the issues plaguing Wild Hearts on PC. Earlier this week, early access players blasted the game's graphics and other issues, leading EA to quickly patch Wild Hearts before it'd even fully released. EA moved to reassure players that further performance improvements would be coming to all platforms in the near future.

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