Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is seemingly another sub-par PC port

Wo Long
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It appears Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest game to get an iffy PC port.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty from Ninja Gaiden and Nioh developer Team Ninja takes the intense action the studio is famous for and puts it in an intriguing new setting, the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history. In our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review, we found it to be a compelling adventure that "builds on the core quality of the Nioh games". However, performance issues seem to be spoiling the fun for many PC players.

Over on the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty subreddit, one player notes the game's "very poor performance" while playing on Game Pass for PC. They write, "The game for some reason is locked on a 1280x720p resolution, it's running between 10 and 15 fps and crashes every time I pass the character creator screen". They're using a GeForce RTX 3060, though users with different hardware have been having similar issues.

User Crowki writes, "I'm having them with AMD, it's just poor (horrible) optimization for the PC version. The game almost becomes a slide show on high settings and the lowest settings makes me feel like I'm crawling through mud. Another fan, who says they can run Returnal smoothly at 60 FPS, writes that during battles in Wo Long, "the FPS drops are unbearable". They add, "The game looks pretty bad, like a mid-last-gen one graphics-wise."

The PC port's poor showing has led to Wo Long receiving a "mostly negative" rating on Steam. One reviewer writes that it's "a good game buried deep beneath the biggest catastrophe of a PC port that I have ever seen." They add that although "the game runs poorly for how it looks", the controls are the biggest issue. "The game is completely unplayable on mouse and keyboard. The key layout is also an absolute joke." Given its current state, many fans advise waiting until the game is better optimized if you're planning to play Wo Long on PC. 

It seems poor PC ports are becoming something of a trend. Last month Wild Hearts, EA and Omega Force's take on Monster Hunter, also received "mostly negative" reviews due to its performance issues. On top of that, The Callisto Protocol and the new-gen version of The Witcher 3 left much to be desired when they launched on PC late last year. 

There are a lot of great titles making their way to PC this year; head over to our new PC games guide to check them out. 

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