With talk of a Silk TV show, an update on the planned Silk comic book ongoing series

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With talk of a TV series based on Marvel's Silk floating around, Newsarama wondered about the Silk ongoing comic book series announced back in February. And we have some answers.

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While Marvel states they have no new information to share currently, Newsarama has confirmed through other sources that work on the series has continued despite the pandemic and the series is still intended to be released - but with no firm release date yet.

Originally announced in February for a July 2020 debut, the Silk ongoing series by writer Maurene Goo and artist Takeshi Miyazawa would be taking Spider-Man's spiritual spider-sister and putting her to work for J. Jonah Jameson and his podcast, Threads & Menaces - by day as reporter, and by night as his protector.

"While investigating gang murders, Cindy draws some heat JJ's way - and feels pretty bad about it," reads Marvel's synopsis of the series. "So Cindy is investigating as a reporter by day, and Silk is watching over JJ and keeping an eye on things at night."

(Image credit: Stonehouse (Marvel Comics))

"Turns out the murders are being committed by the cat demon Kasha at the behest of Saya, an international businesswoman who has ties to a major Marvel villain," the synopsis continues. "Saya is closer to Silk than Cindy knows, and things are about to get extremely dangerous in both Cindy and Silk's worlds as these ruthless villains get ever closer!"

Silk will be Maurene Goo's comics debut, after a successful prose career including the hit novel I Believe in A Thing Called Love.

"The opportunity to write a Korean American superhero - a woman, no less - is one that I never thought would come my way," Goo said in the February announcement of the series. "I'm so excited to flex this writing muscle and to explore new stories for Silk—a character I love. Her fierceness and loyalty are qualities I understand and relate to, and I hope readers feel the same as she fights new foes and protects old friends."

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more on the Silk ongoing comic series and the possibility of a TV series.

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