The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Extreme Cosplay

Suggested Level: 40 | Prerequisites: N/A  

This quest also appears as a random “!” on the map, and it’s found northeast of Francollarts, outside the Doren Alma Estate. You’ll find a man tending another injured person. Speak to him, then agree to find out what happened here. Blow open the door at the gate, then head inside to find more dead bodies. Use your Witcher senses to analyze the many clues in the courtyard, and you’ll eventually find a scent trail.  

Follow the trail to reach a closed door. Knock, and a man covered in ashes will emerge. Turns out something bad was summoned when this guy and his friends were reenacting an old ritual. Time to do it again – you’ll need the guy who was tending the body outside if he’s not already accompanying you. Start by lighting the six braziers. Next, pick up the bread and wine from the nearby chest, and place them into the offering basins. Lastly, pick up the elven sword and shield. Equip them (the shield is a standard item), then kneel on the mat.   

This ritual brings the statues in the courtyard to life. It’s time for a fight. Watch out, as two of the statues are heavy damage-dealing mages; you should probably take them out first. Once you’ve killed the whole gang, you’ll get a nice reward and finish the quest.   

Big Feet to Fill: The First Group  

Suggested Level: 46 | Prerequisites: N/A  

Scattered around the map are various spots labeled “The Prophet Lebioda’s Footsteps” – they’re initially marked as Undiscovered Locations. Each spot initiates a different quest involving the workers there. You’ll find the first one along the road northeast of Fox Hollow, where the build crew is beset by bandits. Fight them off to check this quest off your list.  

Big Feet to Fill: The Second Group  

Suggested Level: 46 | Prerequisites: N/A  

The second Prophet Lebioda spot is directly across Plegmund’s Bridge from the fast travel marker. Talk to the workers there, and a drunk one will leap up to fight you. Take him out, then beat down the second one that stands up. That’ll wrap up this quick quest.   

Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group  

Suggested Level: 46 | Prerequisites: N/A 

The third Prophet Lebioda spot is on the peninsula immediately north of the Castel Ravello Vineyard. Head there to find abandoned carts and a bunch of footprints; use your Witcher senses to track them. You’ll encounter a spriggan at the end of the trail. Take it down, then examine the nearby den to find the workers who fled.   

Big Feet to Fill: The Fourth Group  

Suggested Level: 46 | Prerequisites: N/A  

The fourth Prophet Lebioda spot is on the road southeast from the Silver Salamander Inn. Search the abandoned camp to find a bloodstain and some tracks. Follow those down to the marsh, and you’ll encounter some kikimores. Take them out, then turn to their batch of eggs. Use Igni to burn these away, and you’ll find the bodies of the workers under them. Not a happy ending to this one.   

Big Feet to Fill: The Fifth Group  

Suggested Level: 46 | Prerequisites: N/A  

The second-to-last Prophet Lebioda spot is across the bay south of the Silver Salamander Inn. The group of workers here is being held hostage by bandits. Take out the thugs and free the workers to wrap this one up.

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