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The Witcher 3 contracts: Every contract available from Velen to Skellige

Witcher 3 contracts

There are plenty of Witcher 3 contracts to tackle throughout the main story and DLC, where you'll be tackling monsters and saving lives. And, most importantly, making some coin. The question is, which Witcher 3 contracts should you take on? What are the easiest, the best earners, or even most fun? 

Coming up we'll go through all the contracts in The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab). We'll cover what they are, where to find them and how to complete them because it's not always a simple as 'kill the ugly thing'. One thing worth mentioning before you carry on is that many of these quests will be in Undiscovered Locations initially, so you might want to check the Notice Boards to add some markers to your map. 

Table of Contents:

White Orchard (opens in new tab)
Velen (opens in new tab)
Novigrad (opens in new tab)
Skellige (opens in new tab)
Blood and Wine DLC (opens in new tab)

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