The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man

Suggested Level: 43 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s a painter in the plaza immediately south of The Gran’place in Beauclair. He wants to paint a portrait you. Agree, then meet him at noon by the palace. Ride with him to the spot he’s picked out, and you’ll find some snobs have started a picnic in the same spot – plus, the painter’s supplies are missing.   

Search the area to find a paint spill and a scent trail. Follow this to enter a cave down the hill a ways, where you’ll find a few nekkers. Take them out and search the cave for the missing paints, then return them to the painter. Accompany him to another ridge to get your portrait painted; you’ll even get to choose your pose! But it’s not quite over yet – a griffin will fly onto the hill. Slay it, and you’ll have the option to add it to the painting as well. Wait a day and return to the painter to receive the finished work (if you want it) and end the quest.  

The Toussaint Prison Experiment 

Suggested Level: N/A | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s a Hidden Location, a Hidden Treasure, in a ruined prison northwest of Beauclair Palace, in the Gorgon Foothills. Watch out, because there’s a corpse guarded by an alp. Defeat her, then loot the corpse for a letter and a key. Read the letter to learn of treasure in the vicinity, then use your Witcher senses to find the loot.   

But Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play?  

Suggested Level: 43 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s another Hidden Treasure at the amphitheater, southwest across the bay from Beauclair. Head there and loot the corpse to find a journal and a special bottle of wine. What happened here? Let’s recreate the events to find out.  Use your Witcher senses to trace the dead girl’s footsteps, lighting each candle in the order she did.   

After lighting the candles, drink the wine you found. Your vision will blur, and the Phantom of the Amphitheater will appear. Fight it like you would any other wraith (Yrden will help), and it’ll drop a special necklace. After that, use your Witcher senses to find an iron bar down some stairs; there’s loot beyond it.   

A Knight’s Tales  

Suggested Level: 40 | Prerequisites: N/A  

You can get this quest from the notice board at the Castel Ravello Vineyard. Talk the to woodcutter to learn that the tree near him is actually a cursed woman. Use your Witcher senses to check the area for a handful of clues. Looks like the woodcutter is right about this whole situation.   

The next step is to scale Lynx Crag to the north. Head there and climb the hill to find an isolated hut. Look inside to find several clues, plus a few trophies anchored to a witchcraft symbol. Take the kerchief, and a witch will appear; you can ask her for help in lifting the tree curse, or just do it yourself.   

If you get her help, you’ll have to give up a lock of your hair. Do so, then check the cave below her hut to find a bone needed for the ritual on a corpse there. If you decide to go it alone, you’ll skip this step and just return to the woodcutter. If you end up fighting the witch, you’ll find a blood trail leading to his now-dead body; kill the possessed dog (thanks, witch), and that’ll be that. If you return with the materials needed for the ritual, you’ll have a much happier quest ending; if you’re missing one of them, it’ll end with a battle against a wraith.

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