The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

There Can Be Only One

Suggested Level: N/A | Prerequisites: N/A  

You should start this quest as soon as possible, and you can get it from the notice board in Beauclair, at the Gran’place. This will send you to an island in the middle of Lac Célavy, in the northwestern part of Toussaint. Get onto the island to find a hermit meditating at a small pond – where Geralt will be able to actually walk on water. The hermit here is willing to give you a special sword if you demonstrate each of the chivalric values. The checklist is as follows.  

  • Generosity: After completing “Blood Run,” a messenger boy will deliver you a letter. Give him a tip.
  • Valor: Win the whole tourney during “The Warble of a Smitten Knight.” Alternatively, send Francois back with Grottore’s head during “Feet as Cold as Ice.”
  • Compassion: Spare the shaelmaar during “The Beast of Toussaint” or help the injured man during “Capture the Castle.” Alternatively, visit Count Beledal at the picnic during “Big Game Hunter.”
  • Honor: During “Till Death Do You Part,” tell Charles that the noises are just a marital spat. Alternatively, win the duel after the horse race during “The Warble of a Smitten Knight.”
  • Wisdom: During “Father Knows Worst,” don’t start a fight after escorting Hugo out of the cave. Alternatively, lift the wight’s curse during “La Cage au Fou.”

Once you’ve met all the criteria, speak to the hermit to initiate one last test, a battle against him. He’s not too tough; just watch out for his spells. After the fight, the Lady of the Lake will hand over the ultra-powerful sword Aerondight. Pick it up to finish the quest.   

Of Sheers and a Witcher I Sing  

Suggested Level: 43 | Prerequisites: N/A  

Your old pal Le Papillon can be found in Beauclair, marked by a “!” near the Nilfgaardian Embassy. Head there to learn that his hairdresser has gone missing. Start your search by blowing open the locked salon door with Aard, then use your Witcher senses to pick up several clues inside. Once you’ve analyzed everything, you’ll come to a simple conclusion: the hairdresser is out getting ingredients for his pomade.   

Follow Le Papillon to the spot where his friend might be, and you’ll encounter a archespore. Kill it, then keep following your buddy to find a dropped basket and some footprints. Follow these to reach a cave; Papillon’s hairdresser is inside, being roughed up by a knight and his cohorts. Beat him to free the hairdresser and finish the quest.   

Feet as Cold as Ice  

Suggested Level: 45 | Prerequisites: N/A 

There’s a woman in Beauclair named Jacquette, and she has a quest for you; you can find her hanging around the Nilfgaardian Embassy fast travel point. Her fiancé Francois has gone missing, and only Geralt can find him. Head to your marker to the northwest to find the man at a campsite. Speak to him to learn that he needs help slaying a beast; he can’t face his wife-to-be otherwise.  

Follow Francois into the cave nearby, and you’ll come to an empty grotto. Use your Witcher sense to figure out what lives here – it’s Grottore, a spriggan. Burn all the flowers to summon him, then defeat him. You want Francois to survive this battle, so fight well (Igni helps a lot). Afterwards, you can send him back to Jacquette with Grottore’s head, or let him hunt another beast. Return to his better half back in Beauclair to make one more dialogue choice and finish the quest.   


Suggested Level: 36 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s a man in south-central Beauclair, between The Gran’place and the Nilfgaardian Embassy with a quest for you. Talk to him, and he’ll claim that you once helped him in the past, and that there’s a reward waiting for you at the bank. Check in to find the account holder – which should be you – is marked “dead.” Head to the other counter to try get this fixed. No luck. Speak to the clerk upstairs. Looks like you need another form. Upon exiting, you may end up in an argument, and then a fight, with another bank patron.  

Make short work of this jerk, then head back to the second counter inside the bank. The teller will be missing, so use Witcher senses to track her scent back to the main counter. The ladies inside are on break, so sit and wait on the bench for a while. The man there will have some words of wisdom for you (and a game of Gwent if you so choose).   

Time for a new plan. Head to the nearby perfumery and purchase a bottle of perfume. Talk to the lady at the side counter again, and give her the perfume when the opportunity arises. After a cut scene, you can accompany the bank’s owner down to the vault; you won’t find your money, however. Rough him up, or give him a week to rustle up the coin and return. Either of this will end the quest.

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