The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Fists of Fury: Toussaint  

Suggested Level: 36 | Prerequisites: N/A 

You can get this quest from the notice board in Beauclair, at the Gran’place. It’s quite a simple one: just head to the spots around Beauclair and beat Mancomb, Still Waters, and Colossus in fistfights (you can do an alternative challenge in the last one). Win all the fights to make some crowns and unlock a second fisticuffs quest.  

Raging Wolf  

Suggested Level: 40 | Prerequisites: Complete “Fists of Fury: Toussaint.”  

After beating Beauclair’s fisticuffs champions, you’ll have opportunity to challenge the Maestro; head to the port to challenge him. Take him down, and that’ll be another quest in the bag – the catch is that you have to do it drunk.  

Till Death Do You Part  

Suggested Level: 36 | Prerequisites: N/A  

You can get this quest from the notice board in Beauclair, at the Gran’place. Head to the Clever Clogs at the southern end of the city and speak to Charles upstairs. He’s been hearing noises in the cemetery, and you can help him. Head to the cemetery across the street and use your Witcher senses to track the sound to the catacombs beneath you, and you’ll find a bunch of clues.   

Search the catacombs more to find some grave robbers. Take them out and read the note they were carrying to unlock an additional quest. For now, head back to the chamber you just searched. The noises there have stopped again, so hide behind the statue to wait this out. Apparently two ghosts have been arguing down here, and you need to remove one of them from this crypt. Choose an urn to take, then take that ghost to where they want their urn placed (don’t forget to stop by Charles for a small reward). Return to the ghost you didn’t remove for the last phase of the quest.  

If you removed Margot, then Louis will point you toward a rare sword. Head to the blacksmith he mentions to retrieve it (and play a quick game of Gwent). If you removed Louis, then Margot will point you toward some Gwent cards. Head to the indicated building to find the cards and some foes. Either path resolves the quest.    

The Last Exploits of Selina’s Gang  

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: Find the letter during “Till Death Do You Part.”  

If you loot the letter from the grave robbers during the quest mentioned above, you’ll learn of treasure near the cemetery. Head there to find a corpse, then loot it for a letter and a key. Return to the catacombs to find a small chest you can now open. Treasure hunt complete!

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