The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Wine Wars: Coronata  

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: Complete “Wine Wars: Belgaard.”  

Choosing to help Liam will send you to his vineyard, Coronata, to take care of a different set of problems. The first marker is – you guessed it – an infestation of archespores; drop a bomb into the nest and take them out. The second is a Guarded Treasure belonging to even more of those annoying plant monsters. Take them out and check the corpse they were guarding to find another note about sabotage. Looks like a third party has been causing all these problems, but you can investigate that later.  

The third and fourth markers are an Abandoned Site with more archespores (tired of those guys, yet?) and a Person in Distress in a cave, so take care of those. Like with Vermentino, the final marker, a Hidden Treasure, is also its own quest. Once you’ve dealt with everything, you can return to Liam to wrap things up (but you should investigate the other vineyard/the mysterious third party if you haven’t already).   

Coin Doesn’t Stink   

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: Begin “Wine Wars: Coronata.” 

The Coronata sub-quest starts at the Hidden Treasure by this bridge, guarded by tough rock trolls. Take them out and search the corpse for a letter about a loot stash in a manure pile. Ride to the spot in question to find the treasure with your Witcher senses.

Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina  

Suggested Level: 42 | Prerequisites: Find the sabotage notes in “Wine Wars: Vermentino” and “Wine Wars: Coronata.”  

If you complete all the objectives of the “Wine Wars” quests, you’ll discover that some third party is behind the sabotage at the vineyards. Head to your new marker near the southern edge of the map to find a storehouse, then head inside. You’ll have to battle another archespore (no surprise there), but you’ll also find some seedlings and a stocktaking note. Burn the spores, then read the note to discover the true culprit behind all this: Count Crespi. With this information, you can return to Liam and Matilda and wrap up all the “Wine Wars” in the best possible way.   

Wine Wars: Belgaard (B) 

Suggested Level: 42 | Prerequisites: Complete “Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina.”  

Completing the quest listed above gets you best possible ending for the various “Wine Wars” quests, and opens up a new one on the grounds of Belgaard. As with the other vineyards, your objective here is to take care of 5 problems in the area. Two of them are Monster Nests, one guarded by endregas and the other by centipedes. Take out the creatures and blow the nests to finish these errands.  

Another marker is a Guarded Treasure protected by more centipedes. Kill the bugs and loot the corpse to find a note. The fourth marker is an Abandoned Site lorded over by a slyzard; slay it to restore peasants to their turf. Finally, you’ll find a Person in Distress on the distant eastern shore. Rescue him to complete all the Belgaard tasks, then return to Liam and Matilda for a reward. Return to them after three days to truly complete the quest and receive a special surprise.

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