The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby

Prerequisite: Complete "A Favor for Radovid." | Suggested Level: N/A

After meeting with Radovid on his boat, a new quest will be available in Hierarch Square. Check the exclamation mark on the map to find a race invitation at a small booth. This will start the quest proper. Head to the Vegelbud Residence and speak to the race master in the stands. It'll cost you 100 crowns to enter, and you'll need to win three races to keep the quest moving. Be prepared to shell out the 300 bucks.

After your third win, you'll receive a letter from your old pal Cleaver - it's an invite to an underground horseracing ring. Head back to the city to speak to him and start one final, brutal race. If you manage to pull of a win, you'll earn a nice chunk of crowns.


Prerequisite: Complete "A Poet Under Pressure." | Suggested Level: 14

After rescuing Dandelion, return to the Rosemary and Thyme to find him arguing with Priscilla. He's always dreamed of throwing his own cabaret; agree to help to get this quest going.

Start by talking to Madam Irina at the mummer's stage. Borrow a prop sword from her and meet Dandelion at your new marker. Fumble your way through his plan and a fake fight, then head back to the Rosemary and Thyme. In the morning, the cabaret decorators will arrive. Choose a theme, then Priscilla will mention Dandelion hasn't arrived yet.

Head to your new marker to find him banging on a choreographer's door. Use your Witcher Senses to find the door key in a nearby barrel. Inside, you'll have to calm down the lady's fiancé to keep the quest moving.

After this, Dandelion will task you with picking up some placards he ordered. Head to the place, owned by a man named Rautlec, to find nothing but bandits inside. After a squabble with them, head to the Vegelbud Residence to find Rautlec at the race track. He's there to settle his debts, so you can either pay them or win the race. Do whichever you'd prefer, then return to Dandelion at the Rosemary and Thyme to finish this quest.

Carnal Sins

Prerequisite: Complete "Cabaret." | Suggested Level: 16

After meeting with Dandelion, a cut scene will play out, during which poor Priscilla will wind up in the hospital, badly beaten. Time to get the villain responsible. Join Von Gratz in the sewers to kick things off.

Follow the doctor through the underground, taking out baddies along the way. When you reach the morgue, check the back rooms for the dwarf corpse you're looking for. Examine all the wound in his head, and you'll be escorted out when the coroner arrives.

Your next step is to question the corpse collector. His marker is right by the morgue, so head there and find out what he may have pickpocketed from the dwarf, using whatever method you prefer.

Next, you'll need to visit the spot where the dwarf died. Knock to get through the double doors into the courtyard, then use your Witcher Senses to look around. Examine everything, and read the letter you find. Then get the dwarf's brother to open the workshop. There's more stuff to examine in here, so use your Senses to do so.

After this, you'll need to check the area where Priscilla was attacked. Look around with your Witcher Senses, and take out the townspeople who ambush you during your examination. Once you're done, head back to the morgue and speak with the coroner.

Geralt knows who the next victim is: Lady Vegelbud. Head to the Vegelbud Residence to warn her. Accompany Ingrid to the Lady's room… it'll be too late. Chase down the murderer, and you'll be attacked by guards in front of the estate - they think Geralt's the killer. Fight them until a cut scene breaks up the battle.

Talk to Ingrid, then examine the Lady's body to find out who the next victim will be. Hustle back to the city and head to Crippled Kate's in Harborside. You'll find the killer on the top floor, just about to end another victim, a strumpet. Kill this sick villain to save her, then return to Dandelion and Priscilla in the hospital to wrap things up.

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