The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


An Eye for an Eye

Prerequisite: Begin "Get Junior." | Suggested Level: 12

Later in the same quest, you'll meet with Radovid. After this scene, Vernan Roche will ask you to meet back at his camp. Head there to learn that his soldier Ves has left her post. Meet Vernan Roche near the Hanged Man's Tree in Velen to continue.

A commotion will break out at nearby Mulbrydale, so dash there to battle a squad of Nilfgaardian soldiers. Take them all out, and you'll have to decide what to do with the lone survivor. Let him live or not - the quest will end either way.

Redania's Most Wanted

Prerequisite: Being "Get Junior." | Suggested Level: 12

Following your confrontation with Junior, Radovid will also have a favor to ask of you. This involves tracking down a witch named Philippa. Head to the marker northeast of Roche's camp to find a band of witch hunters at the Est Tayiar ruins. They'll give you the tile to enter Philippa's hideout.

Head into the entrance and through her magical gate to find yourself inside a large temple. Move through the first portal and kill the nekkers on the other side. Use Aard on the crystal at the bottom of the steps to activate the next portal, and step through. In the next chamber, you'll have to convince or beat up the witch hunter to get the crystal he nabbed. Get it, plant it, and activate it with Aard to reach the next area.

Kill the nekkers and drop into the nearby hole - you'll find another crystal down here. Climb back up and head through the next doorway. Place and activate the crystal, then step through one last portal to reach the lowest floor. Head to your market to encounter an Ifrit. It shouldn’t be too tough take down, but use Aard for a boost if you need it. Check out the following room with your Witcher Senses to find an agate and another crystal.

Now you'll need to return to Radovid with what you've found. Upon exiting the ruins, prepare to deal with the witch hunters. Do what you want, then head to Radovid's boat in Oxenfurt.

Novigrad, Closed City

Prerequisite: Complete "Get Junior." | Suggested Level: 11

After dealing with Menge, this quest will become available. There's a woman named Lussi on St. Gregory's bridge who claims her house is haunted, so agree to help. Follow her back home, and you'll be ambushed by two guards. Kill them and loot their bodies to find a warrant - this will lead you to two other mages in trouble. Lussi will also give you one of three keys to a treasure.

The second mage is found in The Bits… already dead. Head to the next floor up and ignite the torch to open a secret room. Check the loot-able crates in here for the next key. The last mage is found in Harborside. When you get there, look for a man pounding on a door. Before he gets in, he'll be hacked down by guards. Loot his body for the final key.

Now return to where you grabbed the second key. With all three, you'll be able to open the locked compartment in the secret room. Enjoy your loot!

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