Wild Hearts devs aren't intimidated by Monster Hunter comparisons

Wild Hearts screenshot
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Wild Hearts developers at Omega Force aren't intimidated by comparisons to Capcom's long-running Monster Hunter series.

Speaking to GamesRadar+ in a recent interview, Wild Hearts game director Takuto Edagawa spoke about ambitions for Wild Hearts. "Both of us are huge fans of the hunting genre, we love hunting games and we play them ourselves," Edagawa said of both himself and fellow director Kotaro Hirata. 

"Obviously we know that Monster Hunter is a huge title in this hunting genre, and it's really an honor to be compared to them," the Wild Hearts director continued. When Wild Hearts was first revealed earlier this month in October as a hunting game, comparisons between Koei Tecmo's new game and Capcom's series began almost immediately.

Early responses from Monster Hunter fans to Wild Hearts's reveal were split between optimism and bewilderment. While some were impressed with the building elements allowed from the Karakuri in Wild Hearts, others noted that the game's weapons didn't look like they had the same hefty as Monster Hunter's huge armaments.

As we've now played Wild Hearts for ourselves, we can confidently say EA's new adventure game might just give Capcom's games a run for their money, with brilliantly frenetic combat and towering giants to topple. Head over to our complete Wild Hearts preview from earlier this month to see what we made of the new game in full.

Wild Hearts launches on February 27, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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