Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics, October 22 - October 26, 2021

Destiny 2 Xur
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Where is Xur? Destiny 2 players will find the Exotic salesman in the northeast corner of Nessus this weekend, where he'll remain until reset time on Tuesday, October 26. As ever, it's worth paying him a visit to see how his legendary armor and weapons stack up to whatever pieces you already have, and you can always get an Exotic engram or cipher too. He's got some especially decent rolls on the Cold Denial pulse rifle and Bottom Dollar hand cannons this week.

Here are all the Exotic's Xur's selling.

  • Exotic weapon - Graviton Lance: this pulse rifle fires two-round bursts, with the first bullet dealing minor damage and the second dealing heavy damage with no dropoff. Kills with this weapon create explosive void projectiles that track enemies. The Graviton Lance is more like a scout rifle with extra steps than a pulse rifle, but it's still a fun and powerful gun with great AoE potential and a fabulous sound effect.
  • Hunter Exotic - Oathkeeper: these gloves let you hold bows fully drawn indefinitely. If you're a true-blue bow enthusiast, you might find it hard to take the Oathkeepers off after trying them. That said, once you get used to the rhythm of nocking and releasing shots, you may also find that you don't need these gloves to ensure consistent arrows and can go for a more ability-focused Exotic instead.
  • Titan Exotic - Ursa Furiosa: these gloves let you move faster while guarding with Sentinel Shield, and will refund Super energy based on how much damage you guard against during your Super. A staple in Nightfalls for the Super uptime it provides, Ursa Furiosa turns Void Titans into proper frontline tanks, especially when paired with the middle tree of the subclass.
  • Warlock Exotic - Lunafaction Boots: these boots increase the reload speed of anyone standing in your Rifts, plus your Empowering Rifts will increase weapon range. This also applies to your Well of Radiance Super. The Lunafaction Boots are still a powerful, in-demand choice for anything involving tight DPS windows, including raids and Nightfalls, so it's always good to own a decent pair. 

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