What’s topped with icing Infinity Stones and maybe spoils who dies in Avengers 4? This huge Thanos cake!

No matter which way you slice it, desserts filled with spoilers are undoubtedly my favourite treat. For those of you who are either A) vegan and B) want nothing to do with Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4 spoilers then it’s probably best to look away now. Here be news of potential deaths. Everything after the Thanos GIF is possibly dark and full of spoilers.

So, here’s the deal: directors the Russo Brothers snapped a pic of Avengers 4’s wrap party cake. Thanos features with tasty Infinity Stones. So far, so normal (and pretty darn impressive). But wait, what’s that holding up Thanos’ layer of sweet treats?

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Those are, unmistakably, three arms. I love reading into symbolism in pastries and cakes as much as the next person (don’t we all?), so let’s do some spitballing. Those arms clearly belong to familiar MCU heroes. The black-clad one is Black Widow, with her fingerless gloves, and the red arm is almost certainly Vision. Not only is he carrying one of the Stones, he’s also the only Avenger with red sleeves. They both check out and are pretty hard to refute, sadly. *Sob*

The sleeveless person is a little harder to decipher. But there’s only one Avenger who predominantly shows off his forearms: the God of Thunder, Thor. The pose of all three Avengers holding up Thanos also looks familiar; it’s almost as if they’re breaking out of their graves…

Again, this could all just be nothing but a baker having a little fun but cakes are serious business, people. The plot thickens, however, as people on Twitter have got their detective hats on. See those claws behind Thanos? That’s Black Panther. Surely he doesn’t die in only his fourth appearance, right?

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As you can imagine, Twitter is going gaga over the news:

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What do we reckon? A delicacy designed to throw everyone off, or something more than that? If nothing else, I want to know what the Time Stone tastes like. I’ll bet it’s minty. 

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Image: Marvel

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