What you need to know about Gotham Knights that protect the City

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Gotham City is a busy place. If you were to aimlessly throw a batarang from the roof of Ace Chemicals, odds are you're going to clock a famous DC super villain (or hero) in the head. It's why we thought it might be a good idea to run down all of the Gotham Knights characters that are set to feature in the new action-RPG. 

Although Batman is pronounced dead before the beginning of Gotham Knights, the citizens of Gotham City need not worry themselves, as you'll be taking on the role of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin to help protect them. As we'll learn in Gotham Knights, the Bat-Family is more than capable of stepping up to make sure the bat-shaped hole in the skyline is filled.

Gotham Knights will let you pick and choose between all four of the playable characters. You can either gravitate towards one, or switch between them all between missions – it really is up to you. And when you start to factor Gotham Knights co-op support into the picture, it's not a bad idea to try and figure out who you'll want to play as now. 

So keep reading to brush up on all the playable Gotham Knights characters, as well as some of the supporting stars you'll meet (or hear about) throughout the adventure. 


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Name: Barbara Gordon
Alias: Batgirl
Signature weapon: Tonfa

While there have been various incarnations of Batgirl over the years across DC media, the most iconic version probably falls to Barbara Gordon, and Gotham Knights gives Barbara some of her key backstory beats comic fans will recognise. 

After being paralysed from the waist down, Barbara took on the role of Oracle, providing Batman crucial intel, communications, and support from the Bat Cave. Surgeries, physical therapy, and pain management help Barbara to make a recovery,  and later take on a more direct role as Batgirl. The death of both Batman and her father, Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, have strengthened Batgirl's unstoppable willpower.

Barbara fights with a tonfa, a baton with a side handle, as well as a mix of kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. She'll be the pick for players looking for something as similar to the classic Batman combat style as possible. Barbara's time as Oracle also grants her some hacking skills and techno wizardry. While all four of the Knights have access to a bat-cycle and grappling hook, they all have an additional unique traversal ability – Batgirl has the ability to glide into battle with her cape.


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Name: Dick Grayson
Alias: Nightwing
Signature weapon: Dual escrima sticks

The original Robin, Dick Grayson, spent years as Batman's original protege before eventually taking on the mantle of Nightwing. Raised as a circus performer, as a member of the loving family of Flying Graysons, Dick Grayson was tragically orphaned, only to be taken in and raised by Bruce Wayne. Family and loyalty are crucial to Dick Grayson, which is why he fights for his Bat-family as much as the people of Gotham. Given his experience and connection with Bruce, Nightwing feels like the natural leader of the Gotham Knights. 

His circus background informs his fighting style – it's incredibly acrobatic, featuring lots of daring flips and leaps. Nightwing carries a pair of escrima sticks into battle, and is able to navigate the city using an old recon drone as a glider. 

Additionally, we know that it was Nightwing who raided the Bat Cave to outfit the four Knights, and that WB Games Montreal put additional shots of Nightwing's butt into cutscenes to appease his thirstiest fans

Red Hood

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Name: Jason Todd
Alias: Red Hood
Signature weapon: Non-lethal pistols

By the time Gotham Knights starts, Jason Todd has already had to endure a harrowing back story. Much like in the comics, Todd serves as Batman's second Robin before being kidnapped, murdered by The Joker, and resurrected in a Lazarus pit. 

This has, understandably, left Jason Todd fairly angry at the world, making Red Hood the most brutal and unstoppable of the Gotham Knights. Prior to joining the team, the Red Hood was not afraid to kill, but has now taken on the non-lethal methods of the Gotham Knights as a way to honor the memory of Bruce Wayne. 

Red Hood fights with twin pistols as well as a variety of very physical combat techniques. His connection to the supernatural, through his experience with a Lazarus Pit, allows him to generate platforms out of thin air to move into tactically advantageous positions. 


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Name: Tim Drake
Alias: Robin
Signature weapon: Quarterstaff

In the world of Gotham Knights, Tim Drake is the third and current Robin. And now, without Batman by his side, Drake vows to ensure that Bruce's ethos are reflected in the Gotham Knights. 

Robin is the youngest member of the team and still has a pure and dedicated view of Batman's approach to crime fighting. Robin hadn't suffered the personal grief and loss that the other Knights have, but the loss of Batman changes all that. 

Robin fights with an extendable quarterstaff and slingshot, and utilizes Justice League technology to allow him to teleport short distances. His abilities allow for an incredible range of playing style, as he's able to utilize stealth, keep foes at arms length, and get into the thick of it if the situation requires it. 

Alfred Pennyworth

After the murder of his parents, Alfred Pennyworth was the sole carer for the young orphaned Bruce Wayne. Alfred has faithfully stood by Bruce's side throughout his whole crime-fighting career as Batman, providing medical assistance when needed, and a surefire sounding board. Following the death of Batman, Alfred is committed to continuing his faithful service, now alongside the Gotham Knights. It's expecting that we'll be able to confer with Alfred from the Belfry, which is the new base of operations following the deconstruction of the Bat Cave. 

Jim Gordon

Gotham Knights Jim Gordon

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Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon was one of the good guys, an honest and dependable member of the police force. 

Gordon had a strong relationship with Batman, becoming a trusted ally and assisting the vigilante in many cases. Jim Gordon's death in the line of duty put the rocky relationship between the Gotham City Police Department and the Bat-family under new pressure, and the death of Bruce Wayne has only eroded it further for the newly christened Gotham Knights. 

Jim Gordon was the father of Barbara Gordon, who is playable in the game as Batgirl.

Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya is a detective with the Gotham City Police Department, she worked closely with Commissioner Gordon, which meant she had close contact with Batman and the wider Bat-family. 

After the death of Jim Gordon and Batman, Renne continues to be a vital contact in the GCPD for the Gotham Knights, knowing them to be a force for good in the city.

Bruce Wayne

Gotham Knights batman

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I’ve kept this bit for the end, and keep it to yourself, yeah, but... Bruce Wayne is secretly Batman! 

Three of the four Gotham Knights have been Robin at one point, training and working directly with Batman to better understand his values, combat techniques, and detective skills. Batgirl also worked alongside Batman during her time as Oracle, providing crucial intel and comms assistance from his home base of operations.

Now with Batman dead, the Gotham Knights will have to learn to protect Gotham without Bruce as the head of the family. We still don't know how Bruce Wayne died, although the prequel tie-in comic Batman: Gotham Knights - Gilded City could have some answers!

Oh, and developer WB Games Montreal is insistent that the Gotham Knights Batman is dead – and that he'll stay dead! When GamesRadar+ spoke with lead writer Ceri Young, they maintained that "[Batman's absence] really drives these characters" and explained how "they have to figure out how to do it their own way, and that's where a lot of their interest and drive lies." 

Gotham Knights is set to launch on October 21, and it's one of our most anticipated upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games of 2022. 

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