What If introduced a new superhero group ready to defend the multiverse

What If...? finale
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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the What If…? finale! Turn back now if you haven't caught up on the last episode!

What If…? episode 9 ended the Marvel series in spectacular fashion, with a high stakes showdown between an Infinity Stone-wielding Ultron, or Ultra-Vision, and a brand new superhero team.

In the episode, The Watcher, despite his vow to never interfere, pulls heroes from across the multiverse to form the Guardians of the Multiverse and go up against the all-powerful Ultron. He grabs Captain Carter, Party Thor, Star-Lord T'Challa, Black Panther Killmonger, Doctor Strange Supreme, a version of Gamora, and Black Widow – the lone survivor of a previous showdown with Ultron.

The team are almost defeated, until Natasha gets hold of the USB containing Zola's consciousness from the previous episode. Her and Captain Carter manage to plug Zola into Ultron, and Zola promptly takes control of the mechanical body. 

Killmonger, meanwhile, is lured by the Infinity Stones and Ultron's armor, and tells the team using the Stones is how they can fix their respective universes. But Zola wants the armor back, and he and Killmonger fight – until Strange Supreme traps them both in a pocket dimension, which he promises to watch over to prevent any escapes.

The heroes then go back to their own universes, although this Natasha is sent to the world that saw most of the Avengers murdered back in episode 3.

Naturally, the internet has a lot of thoughts about the new superhero team. One Twitter user thought a significant character had been left out: "The Watcher: You've all been chosen. (To guardians of the multiverse) Spider man: Am I joke to you!?"

Another tweeter is already a big fan of the new group: "Avengers who? I only know guardians of the multiverse" Someone else had high praise for the finale: "It was the best episode of #WhatIf. Perfect Finale . GUARDIANS OF THE MULTIVERSE"

Another was bowled over by the team: "'Are you okay?' No, I am not. I am in love with the Guardians of the Multiverse." 

What If…? may have finished for now, but the series is confirmed to have a second season, so we may be seeing the Guardians of the Multiverse again sooner rather than later.

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