What are the Tomatohead Challenges in Fortnite?

No one knows where Tomatohead has been, but he's back in Fortnite, atop the new Tomato Temple which has replaced Tomato Town. And, now he's returned, there are Tomatohead challenges for his skin that add unlockable and selectable styles to the outfit.

If you've already got the Epic skin you can just check them out straight away, but if you haven't then there's no way of telling unless you want to fork out 1500 V-Bucks next time it's in the Item Store. Unless we tell you of course...

What are the Tomatohead Challenges in Fortnite? 

The challenges aren't really that hard at all, and will likely be easily completed through normally playing. It's a little like Fortnite's Birthday Challenges - three more simple tasks involving playing matches, dealing damage and earning XP. These, in fact: 

  • Play matches (25)
  • Deal damage to opponents (5,000)
  • Gain 20,000 XP (20,000)

Tick all that lot off and you'll unlock Tomatohead's new tribal look, that seems to suggest he's spent time with some pizza worshipping followers during his time in the rift. 

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