Westworld showrunner confirms season 4 is filming and work is underway on Amazon’s Fallout series

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Filming on Westworld season 4 has begun, showrunner Lisa Joy has confirmed.

Speaking with SFX for the latest issue of the magazine, which features Titans on the cover, Joy revealed that she was returning to the robotic world having wrapped her new feature film, the Hugh Jackman-starring. 

"We are shooting it now," she confirms. "It’s busy. It’s a busy time here."

What is she most excited about for this season? "Every season, I’m just excited to explore the changes in the characters, their evolutions," she says, evasively. While the third season showed the world outside the theme park, Joy speaks only of the emotional impact she hopes season 4 will have.

"Even though Westworld can be dark... I think I’m an optimistic person. You have to be a bit of an optimist when you have kids [she and co-showrunner/husband Jonathan Nolan have two] who will be inheriting the world after you. And I really hope to try to find the path where humanity can improve somehow, and to meditate on that and the role in which we could assume to do that."

While Westworld remains Joy’s main focus, she and Nolan are also working on a TV adaptation of post-apocalyptic videogame series Fallout for Amazon. “I’m very, very excited about it,” she enthuses. “I don’t see a lot of sleep in my future. I’m going to have to reminisce about a time when sleep was more possible!”

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