Wayfinder is a new online action RPG from the dev behind Darksiders and Battle Chasers

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Wayfinder is a new online action-RPG that's set to come to PC, PS4, and PS5. 

Publisher Digital Extremes and developer Airship Syndicate have revealed the new "character-based" online RPG during the Game Awards 2022 with a debut gameplay trailer. Creative director and Airship Syndicate CEO Joe Madureira has also made an appearance during the showcase, whose previous experience includes work on Battle Chasers, Darksiders, and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

Wayfinder takes place in the world of Evenor, which is being consumed by a force known as the Gloom. The online action RPG will see you take on the role of Wayfinders, figures born of the Gloom who can fight back against it. Wayfinders are tasked with trying to control the chaos and restore balance to the world by using an ancient artifact known as a Gloom Dagger. 

With the option to choose from a variety of different Wayfinders - who can use arcane magic, mystical tech, and weapons - the adventure also looks set to let you customize your experience and discover your own stories, playstyles, and abilities, as you venture into dungeon-like areas known as Lost Zones.

The Gloom as a force will also change up modifiers in the world that affect enemy damage and hazards around the environment to change up each play session. It sounds like it's playing around with some interesting ideas, with some systems right at home in an RPG - such as crafting weapons and gear and character progression. For the online aspect, you'll also be able to play with other Wayfinders with social interactions to boot. 

Set to come to PC, PS4, and PS5, Wayfinder is expected to release an early access program in Spring 2023, and will be free-to-play on multiple platforms in Fall 2023. A closed playtest is set to start on December 13 on PC, with playtests coming to PlayStation consoles in January.

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