Watch this Horizon Forbidden West player effortlessly take down multiple endgame enemies on ultra-hard difficulty - with just two arrows

Screenshots from Horizon Forbidden West running on PS5
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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is set after the events of the main game, and as such, you can expect heavy resistance from both man and machine as you venture south to the ruins of Los Angeles. Thankfully, Aloy has a vast range of skills at her disposal to make short work of anything standing in her way, and with the right loadout, you can take down tricky foes quickly and easily, as one savvy player recently demonstrated on the Horizon subreddit.

As the footage below shows, the player, who goes by the name Uber_Meese, was able to defeat a group of level 50 rebels on ultra-hard difficulty swiftly and with minimal effort using the Machine Master skill Chain Burst. This is a powerful tool as it deals considerable damage to not only your target but also surrounding enemies.

Chain burst vs. level 50 rebels(NG+, UH) from r/horizon

By pairing it with the Sharpshot Bow Ivriv's Downfall, Elite Precision Arrows and Focused Shot, all four foes were taken down in a matter of seconds using just two arrows. It's an impressive technique, and one to keep in mind if you're having a tough time battling groups of enemies in Burning Shores. 

Following its launch last week, the Burning Shores expansion was review bombed by players unhappy with its length and story elements. This has led to Metacritic promising "stricter moderation" of "abusive and disrespectful reviews" in the future. While the next game in the series isn't likely to be unveiled anytime soon, developer Guerrilla Games recently teased fans with talk of "expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy's next adventure and our exciting online project."

To see what threats Aloy is up against in the DLC, check out our Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores new machines guide.

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