Horizon Forbidden West players review bomb Burning Shores over DLC length

Horizon Forbidden West
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Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC is sadly being review bombed by players.

The Burning Shores DLC finally launched for Horizon Forbidden West last week, arriving exclusively for PS5 players. Now though, players are seemingly disappointed by the storytelling in the new DLC, as well as what they're perceiving as a relatively short story at around four hours.

Over on Metacritic, for example, the Burning Shores DLC now sits at a 3.2 rating out of 10 from players. "The content is somewhat decent but everything feels like a generic afterthought that could have been implemented in the base game if it wasn't cross-gen," writes one of the top reviews from players on the site.

Another negative review comes from user 'Aloy_4hrs_dlc,' which probably doesn't need any explanation. "This DLC is absolutely terrible and not worth anyone's time. The story is poorly written, Even if you have enjoyed the main game, this DLC will make you hate it," chimes in another user.

** The next paragraph contains Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores story spoilers **

As frustrated as some players might be with the story content and runtime, others are just discriminating against Aloy's kiss with Seyka. The ending of the new DLC sees the player given the choice to have Aloy kiss Seyka when the latter admits romantic feelings towards the protagonist, and a bigoted number of players are lashing out at the moment.

In more positive reactions though, players were blown away by Burning Shores' clouds, of all things, last week when the DLC first launched. There's no doubt the DLC looks seriously impressive, and considering flying is a big part of the story chapter, the Californian skies looking even better than before is ace.

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