Horizon Forbidden West fans rejoice over DLC finally giving Aloy the moment we've been waiting for

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Pride inspired face paint
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Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC was released today, and it hasn't taken long for news to spread of a very exciting development in Aloy's story. 

In the DLC, players will take on the role of Aloy again as she explores the burning shores of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles alongside new companion Seyka. Now that several people have experienced the new content for themselves, word has got out about a very specific moment in the DLC that's got a lot of fans celebrating. 

If you want to go into Burning Shores completely blind - DO NOT READ ANY MORE OF THIS ARTICLE as it contains story spoilers. 

As revealed by several Twitter users who have managed to play the extra content already, Burning Shores has finally given Aloy a romantic interest. We can't say we didn't see this coming as Horizon Forbidden West fans had already dubbed new companion Seyka as girlfriend material before the DLC had even released. But yes, it appears that Seyka might see Aloy as more than just an ally in the newly released DLC.

According to Kirk McKeand's review of Burning Shores for Sports Illustrated's video game site, players actually get given the choice to either let Aloy embrace her sexuality or erase it at the end of the DLC - meaning some players may never experience the story-altering moment, leaving Aloy's future ambiguous. 

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The two actors who brought the characters to life, Ashly Burch and Kylie Liya Page, have been celebrating the DLC's launch on their respective Twitter accounts. On release day, Burch wrote: "Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is out!! This is a really important story for Aloy, and I hope you enjoy it." 

As for Page, late last week the actor tweeted: "Excited to be making my video game performance acting debut alongside Aloy as Seyka in #HorizonForbiddenWestBurningShores. Thank you for the opportunity to bring this character to life!! @PlayStation." Since its release, Page has been retweeting screenshots from fans and trying to persuade Sony to send them a PS5 so they can enjoy the game themselves.  

Has Burning Shores convinced you to give the main game a go? Take a look at our Horizon Forbidden West tips before you get started.  

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