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Watch the trailer for Spider-Man: The Musical

Despite countless delays in production, the Spider-Man musical is still set to hit the stage in January 2011.

Julie Taymor, the director of Across the Universe and The Tempest , is calling the shots on the production, which was once set to star Evan Rachel Wood (who dropped out as a result of the ongoing delays).

Green Goblin and Carnage are appearing as the villains, in what looks like a very stylised take on the material, and U2's Bono and The Edge are taking care of the music.

It's hard to judge it properly at this stage, as the trailer contains a lot of non-costumed rehearsal footage, so we're not getting a totally accurate feel for the end result.

However, it's difficult to imagine how they're going to successfully mesh comic-book superheroics with stage musical trappings, and it seems possible that it'll end up leaving both theatregoers and fanboys unsatisfied.

Check out the footage below: