Watch the new Black Panther trailer and let it convince you it's the coolest MCU movie ever

If Black Panther (opens in new tab) isn’t on your radar, then, well, why not? Don’t take my word for it, the new trailer is more than enough. Backed by a new song from Kendrick Lamar and featuring a look at Andy Serkis and Michael B. Jordan’s villains, as well as a few new Wakandan locations, this is about as cool as a Marvel movie gets.

While new scenes are few and far between, we do get a closer look at nominative determinism poster boy Erik Killmonger. Having been one of the few (literal) bright spots while playing the Human Torch in the toothless Fantastic Four reboot (opens in new tab), Michael B. Jordan is only too keen to own every scene he’s in here.

Wakanda, though, can make a case for being the star of the show. We’ve already caught a glimpse of the pulsating nightlife during Black Panther’s chase with Andy Serkis’ Klaue and now we’re seeing the other side of Wakanda. Namely, its snowy peaks and, uhh, purple skies. 

Forget Thor: Ragnarok (opens in new tab), this might just be the most colourful and vibrant MCU entry yet.

Elsewhere, it’s nice to see The Walking Dead’s (opens in new tab) Michonne – Danai Gurira – wield another weapon capable of lopping a few heads off – and she sure knows how to use it. Though I’m a little worried that she’s flanking Killmonger in one of the final shots of the trailer. Could T’Challa’s rise to the throne post-Captain America: Civil War (opens in new tab) be a little less straightforward than we first assumed?

All this, just from 90 seconds of incredible action, so heaven knows how great the finished product is going to be. You’ll need a heart of vibranium not to enjoy it.

Image: Marvel

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