Watch the first Far Cry 5 trailer and see 29 details you missed

After some teases we finally have the first proper Far Cry 5 trailer, introducing Hope County, Montana - a dangerous looking place overrun by a cult called Eden's Gate.

First, let's take a look at the main trailer:  

Despite the change to a modern day US setting – and its potentially contentious survivalist premise – there's a lot of familiar Far Cry elements to see in there: lots of wilderness, patrolling vehicles to avoid, planes and choppers to get around in, and animals to hunt/run away from/turn into wallets.  

GR+'s Senior Producer James Jarvis and I have broken down the trailer to pick out some of the finer details and there's plenty of info hiding in there: 

There's plenty to think about in all that and if you see anything else then drop a comment below. We've also got an in depth look at what we definitely know about Far Cry 5 direct from Ubisoft, with even more information. 

Leon Hurley
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