Watch Carrie Fisher slap Oscar Isaac 41 (!) times in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi outtakes

Not everything goes swimmingly in a galaxy far, far away. Take this Star Wars: The Last Jediouttake compilation, for example. It’s got Carrie Fisher slapping Oscar Isaac over 40 times (on his first day on set, no less!), a shocked reaction to baby BB-8, and a bit of impromptu Finn/Poe hugging.

The gag reel, which you can see above, comes from Entertainment Tonight. Without a doubt, the highlight of the 90-second series of clips is Carrie Fisher snapping the smugness off of Oscar Isaac/Poe’s face. 41 times by my count and, as Rian Johnson reveals, it was Isaac’s first day of filming. I’d never wash my left cheek again, personally.

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Elsewhere, there’s all the typical fare you can come to expect from flubs and fooling around on-set. Rey, Luke, and Finn all pull funny faces – it’s nice to see Mark Hamill crack a smile! – and, my personal favourite, Kelly Marie Tran losing it when she sees BB-8 and a mini, baby (BaBy?) BB-8 behind a sliding door. Tran is truly living her dream life.

For the Tumblr fanboys and fangirls out there, there’s even a bit of Finn/Poe bromance action. Neither man wanted to break away from that hug, damnit. Heck, that cut may have lasted a solid hour and we’d be none the wiser. 

Despite being a gag reel, we end on a bittersweet moment. Mark Hamill departs for the final time from a cockpit, saying “Thanks for the memories.” I’m sorry, there’s just a bit of space dust in my eye…

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