Warzone 2 Unhinged mode lives up to its name

Warzone 2
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Some players are calling Warzone 2 Unhinged mode the best addition Call of Duty has made in years, while others are struggling to even figure out how it works. Either way, it's living up to the name.

Unhinged mode is basically a trios playlist with one major difference: you can ask another squad to join yours to become a six-player group. That turns the whole idea of a last squad standing battle royale on its head by asking you to turn your enemies into friends - a gameplay system turned truly, er, unhinged with the addition of proximity chat. You're also getting to break the cardinal 'no teaming' rule of battle royale.

For many players, the results are incredible.

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But there's an issue. This is the only traditional trios mode in the battle royale right now, and a lot of players don't seem to understand how it works. The game never explains it, either.

Basically, you just hold down the ping button to reach recruitment options where you can invite other players to your team or make a request to join an opposing squad. These options exist even in standard battle royale now, though you can't exceed the normal squad size limit. This allows you to fill a spot for a player who dropped from your match or try to get out of a team that's not playing well.

Warzone 2's launch has been a resounding success if the Steam player numbers are anything to go by, though the launch hasn't been without issues. Players are struggling with how to invite friends in Warzone 2, and some early bugs have players getting killed when they should only be downed.

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