Warzone 2 is bringing back 1v1 Gulag and players are thrilled

Warzone 2
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Warzone 2 is going back to 1v1 Gulag matchups with Warzone 2 Season 2, and it seems most players are thrilled with the change.

"1v1's are back in Battle Royale," developer Infinity Ward says in a tweet. "Gulag updates are coming in Season 02. We'll be sharing more details about this in next week’s studio blog."

New Season 2 new weapons

Warzone 2 Season 2 crossbow weapon first person view

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Battle your opponents in the Gulag using the new Warzone 2 Season 2 weapons and guns

In the original Warzone, death in the battle royale would put you in an arena where you could duke it out with another recently-deceased player for a chance to be returned to the match. Warzone 2 made those matches 2v2, so you and a partner have to fight another team. The sequel also added an AI jailer figure that all four players can team up against to let everyone return to the match.

The issue is that nobody wants to coordinate with a randomly-selected teammate for Gulag visits in solo mode, and players rarely end up teaming against the jailer, leaving him as more an annoyance than a meaningful option. What changes are coming to the Gulag beyond the reduced number of combatants remains to be seen, but the tweet certainly suggests more adjustments are coming.

For the most part, players are thrilled at the change.

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"Good," RJE808 writes on Reddit. "The idea of 2v2 was cool, but I feel should either be saved specifically for Trios and Quads or part of an LTM. It especially made no sense for Solos."

"LETS GOOOO," drdewd says. "Listen 2v2 gulag was cool when you get two free kills out of it but the chances of getting a shit teammate was higher than that. I rather the 1v1."

1v1 Gulag should go live with the launch of Season 2 on February 15, and you'll also be able to check out the new Warzone 2 Ashika Island map for Resurgence and DMZ.

There's more than one best battle royale game out there.

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