Warhawk this way

Warhawk footage # 1 (WMV, 5.03MB)- right-click to download
Warhawk footage # 2 (WMV, 12.6MB)- right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
It's the game that Sony chose to demonstrate PS3's motion sensitive pad with and we've managed to secure some more gameplay footage of futuristic combat title Warhawk.

The two movies are taken from a presentation given by the game's director Brian Upton who revealed that the tilt capability was only implemented two weeks before the start of E3. Before then the movement of the aircraft was controlled by the analogue sticks which is still an option that can be used.

The action in the footage is taken from the E3 demo which is set in Vanguard Bay, one of the three ground spaces in the game and the base where you start. The area around Vanguard Bay represents about 1/10 of the size of the final game.

Above: Warhawk has 45 missions to complete, which include aerial and ground based combat

Developer Incog Inc is still working on the landscapes in the game, particularly the foliage, with Upton promising that Warhawk will have "really nice grass technology".

Warhawk is a remake of a PSone game and was originally intended for PS2 but Incog couldn't fill the air with the desired amount of activity. On PS3, however, it'll be able to get 32 crafts up in the air for the online multiplayer dogfights.

Originally Warhawk was going to be purely an aerial combat game but ground based combat on-foot and in vehicles will now be part of the 45 mission game. The structure will be far more freeform than you might expect with objectives being changed constantly, meaning players could in the middle of three or four missions at any one time.