Warhawk flies out of launch window

The unexpected return of PSone's Warhawk - now fitted out in a huge retro-future war zone where you can fly anywhere you're needed to turn the tide of the war - will be happening a little later than we'd expected, with its release now officially delayed until the summer of next year.

The poster boy for PS3's motion-sensitive controller at E3, it's still turning heads (and hands) at TGS with a multiplayer showing - it's possible to land the Warhawk, jump out, and take the battle on foot or in a chunky tank, if you prefer, but we can't see the attraction in ever leaving the skies.

Above: The game's furious aerial battles look more outrageous each time they're shown.

In the single-player game you'll be free to take the same multi-vehicle approach as you defend cities, attack bases and get involved in massive battles between your forces and the invaders. With such a massive scale, it's not hard to see why the game's taking its time to lift off - we'll bring you more on Warhawk at the show soon but, for now, hit the Images tab above to see the latest screens.

September 22,2006